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Covid-19: doctor who advised Emmanuel Macron on vaccination suspended for two weeks

Deprived of consultations for two weeks. The Disciplinary Chamber of the Council of the Order of Physicians of Hauts-de-France banned Dr. Michaël Rochois, who works in Morning (Pas-de-Calais), from practicing for two weeks for “violation of ethical obligations,” reports the specialized website Egor. Dr Rochoy confirmed to Le Parisien that he was notified of his suspension this morning by mail with confirmation of receipt.

This general practitioner was accused of reviewing Emmanuel Macron’s medical records twice in the summer of 2021. The latter defended himself, explaining that he wanted to warn people about shortcomings in the protection of medical data and that he in no way distributed the information. information found.

During the hearing on June 16, Dr. Roshoy testified to his good faith. He said that in the summer of 2021, at the height of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign, a patient was admitted to him without a vital card. He then discovered that he could check his vaccination status simply by knowing his name and date of birth. The doctor subsequently tried to find other names, including the president’s.

He won’t appeal

He noticed a discrepancy between the date of the first injection reported and the date listed on the platform. In September 2021, when the matter became known, he assured Le Parisien that he had acted “out of curiosity to see if it was possible” and explained that he had then alerted the Elysee Palace to the situation.

“I have come to terms with what I did, which was looking at the president’s QR code when we all knew his vaccination status… I obviously accept the sanction without appealing: I don’t want to drag this out for months or years,” he said he wrote to the newspaper Le Parisien on Monday evening. Specifically, I’m experiencing this very well: they didn’t tell me about a serious illness, but only two weeks of forced leave, there are worse things.” Previously, he was ironic about his sulfur colleague from Marseille.

“If we compare the reprimand of Didier Raoult, then perhaps I should have been promoting ineffective and unjustifiably dangerous treatments in the press, rather than checking the possibility of access to the pass of the President of the Republic, who granted his status six weeks earlier…” he blurted out.

Then the QR code of the head of state was leaked on social networks. The Élysée Palace then blamed “health workers who, through malice or negligence, disseminated these data.” The health insurance, for its part, identified about fifteen caregivers who consulted Emmanuel Macron’s vaccination card, including Dr. Rochoy.

Source: Le Parisien

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