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No, vaccinated people should not self-quarantine this winter

“People who are vaccinated are dangerous for others. They must quarantine themselves during the winter months, otherwise they risk serious illness. “In a video in English which circulates a lot on social networks, Christian Perronne holds a firm position on anti-Covid-19 vaccines and alerts on the emergence of new variants. The former head of the infectious diseases department at Garches hospital (Hauts-de-Seine),
who was dismissed from his post by the director of the AP-HP in December 2020, explains that the danger of contracting a severe form of the coronavirus has been established by Israeli doctors. “The risks are multiplied by 10 with each injection of the vaccine! He insists.

A viral video by Professor Perronne proves the antivaccines right. – Screenshot

Following this video, taken from an interview given to a conspiratorial site published in mid-September 2021, opponents of the Covid-19 vaccine were quick to react on social networks. “It is time to listen to the real experts”, pleads a user. Others explain that Christian Perronne has “an enlightened and committed vision” of the current health crisis.

Does the vaccine endanger the people who have received it? 20 Minutes conducted the investigation.


” It’s wrong ! », Exclaims Michaël Rochoy, general practitioner, epidemiology researcher and member of the collective« On the side of science ». “In his head, vaccinated people are more likely to be asymptomatic. So they are more likely to transmit the virus. But the numbers show it is wrong. “In a study published on June 28, the Pasteur Institute recalls that” an unvaccinated person is twelve times more likely to transmit SARS-CoV-2 than a vaccinated person “.

For people vaccinated against Covid-19, quarantine is nonsense, continues Michaël Rochoy. “Almost everyone is vaccinated in France, why isolate the majority of the population? Vaccinated people, on the contrary, have a better chance of developing a mild form of the disease. In a study carried out in August, the Dress points out that “Critical care entry for a million people is 11 times lower among fully vaccinated people than among unvaccinated people.”

In conclusion, studies and specialists show that not only are vaccinated people less likely to transmit Covid-19, but they also develop severe forms of the disease less often. Vaccination against Covid-19 in France would have made it possible to avoid 39,100 admissions to intensive care (with a range between 26,100 and 57,100) and 47,400 deaths (between 36,200 and 62,800), even advanced a recent study conducted by the university of Montpellier with the CHUs of Nîmes and Caen.


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