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Breast Cancer: Comprehensive Treatment Adopted by Assembly Committee

“This is a victory for the 700,000 women with breast cancer. » Rapporteur Fabien Roussel (PCF) welcomed the unanimous adoption in the committee of deputies of the bill on integrated management of breast cancer treatment, presented by the GDR group (Left Democrats and Republicans).

The purpose of the text: to compensate for “all care”, including the so-called “support”. Costs for hair prostheses of all categories and replacement of breast prostheses are reimbursed. However, the amendment introduced by Renaissance eliminated the overrun of duties mentioned in the original text.

The text is included in the agenda of the communist parliamentary niche on May 30. If it cannot be considered on that day due to lack of time, it could be proposed in a trans-party law, Fabien Roussel made a reservation during the commission. “Thank you for drawing attention to this problem,” stressed the president of the social issues committee, Charlotte Parmentier-Lecoq (Renaissance).

Abroad according to the program

The committee also passed two GDR bills relating to overseas territories, which will be considered on May 30. They demand the creation of a commission to investigate the obscenity of social housing in these territories. The second wants to offer the study of regional languages ​​in kindergartens and primary schools.

The GDR group also introduced a bill aimed at constitutionalizing social security, which was rejected by the committee. Supported by the left, the text was rejected by the right and the majority. “Our social security model is already protected at the legislative level, since it belongs to the constitutional bloc,” said Renaissance MP Guillaume Goufier Valente.

Source: Le Parisien

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