HeathcareFour vaccines that all pregnant women should get

Four vaccines that all pregnant women should get


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Peru has one of the most complete vaccination schemes in Latin America, with 17 vaccines aimed at children, pregnant women and the elderly to prevent them from 26 diseases, such as chickenpox, hepatitis, diphtheria, tetanus, pneumonia, whooping cough and influenza.

During the last year, of reproductive health services in Peru. There was also a 40% reduction in the number of obstetricians in service due to the fact that many of these professionals were considered a risk group.

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, a number that had not been reached for a decade. Likewise, until March 2021, more than 92 deaths were reported in pregnant women. Therefore, the importance of having better care in the most vulnerable sectors, in order to guarantee women’s rights.

For this reason, considering that the National Immunization Calendar has various vaccines for pregnant women, which have been applied safely and free of charge in public health facilities, specialists from the NGO “One Life for Dakota” recommend which ones should be placed and at what stage of pregnancy:

1. Tetanus vaccine

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Tetanus is an infectious bacterial disease caused by Clostridium tetani. The vast majority of tetanus cases are associated with birth, affect newborns or their mothers after delivery or postnatal care. In Peru, pregnant women have access to this vaccine, which is essential to avoid complications.

Application period: one dose starting at week 20.

2. dTpa vaccine

The dTpa vaccine protects against diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough (pertussis), the latter being a highly contagious and fatal disease that generates complications. Babies under 3 months are the most likely to acquire this disease if their mothers were not immunized during pregnancy, since there is a period of lack of protection and they could be infected. Although the risk group is made up of newborns, pregnant mothers are key characters in prevention, since recent studies reveal that, through maternal immunization, the incidence can be reduced, as well as cases of death in infants.

Application period: Third trimester of gestation, between weeks 27-36. Single dose.

3. Flu vaccine

Contracting influenza during pregnancy can have serious consequences, increasing the risk of complications during labor and in some cases leading to premature deliveries. Therefore, to prevent this disease, the application of the influenza vaccine is necessary. With this vaccine you will protect the newborn until six months of life, which is when its own vaccination begins.

Application period: From the 20th week of gestation.

4. Vaccine against COVID-19

Vaccines against this virus are effective in helping protect against becoming seriously ill and dying from currently circulating variants of the virus that causes COVID 19, including the delta4 variant. Vaccination during pregnancy allows the passage of antibodies from the mother to the baby, and protects the newborn during the first months of life.

Application period: It is administered from the 12th week of gestation.

Where to get vaccinated?

To find the center closest to your home, you can enter the web www.vacunarparalavida.pe. After that, you must go to the health center to schedule the vaccination. This measure is to comply with biosafety protocols and thus avoid crowds.

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