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No, the government did not consult with insurers for a mid-December curfew


Faced with the rise in cases of Covid-19, will the dreaded curfew, which has punctuated life in France for a good part of 2020 and 2021, make its return just before the Christmas holidays? ? On social networks, many Internet users are worried by relaying the same “source”: an article from the blog “Le Courrier des strategèges” published on November 23 and entitled “Exclusive: a curfew scenario from the 18th. December under study ”.


“According to information received today, a curfew from December 18 is now under consideration. The government would have asked insurers to calculate the compensation costs of traders forced to prematurely close their activity during the Christmas holidays, ”says the author of this text published among a series of articles with fanciful claims – such as recommending so-called “natural” solutions to prevent Covid-19.

If this rumor is logically enough to raise fears, such discussions between the government and insurers have not taken place.


Joined by 20 Minutes, a source in the field of insurance denies “any contact or request of this type from the government” and denounces “a fake news”.

A government source also confirms that “no simulation scenario for the closure of shops has been discussed, and even less with insurance” and that “the curfew scenario is not at all considered”.

On Wednesday 24 November, at the end of the Defense Council, the government spokesperson, Gabriel Attal, listed the three flagship measures planned against the worsening of the epidemic: “The acceleration of the vaccine booster campaign”, “Strengthening the health pass” and “strengthening barrier measures” such as wearing a mask.


A strategy confirmed by the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, during his press briefing this Thursday: “I will not announce to you any confinement, or curfew, or early closure of stores, or restriction of movement. “




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