HeathcareOxford expert assures that Ómicron is not the same...

Oxford expert assures that Ómicron is not the same disease we saw a year ago


With its presence in at least 110 countries around the world, Ómicron has succeeded in displacing Delta, in most of them, to become the dominant variant of COVID-19. Almost two months after its discovery in South Africa, the contagions of this new strain are multiplying faster and faster.

Despite the incidents occurred by Omicron, Health experts assure that the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is over, since vaccines are saving people from serious complications and this variant has so far not managed to be as deadly as its peers, says Infobae.

“The horrible scenes we saw a year ago (intensive care units full, lots of people dying prematurely) are now history in my opinion and I think we should be sure that this is likely to continue.”, he noted during an interview with BBC radio, John Bell, Immunologist and Professor of Medicine at the University of Oxford.

This doctor analyzed the data on infections and deaths from the virus in the United Kingdom and concluded that the number of people in Intensive Care Units (ICU) is “Very, very low.”

“The incidence of serious illness and death from this disease has basically not changed since we got vaccinated and that is very important to remember.”, he assured.

Bell stressed that contagion with Ómicron during the pandemic is so far less serious than delta. “The disease appears to be less serious and many people spend a relatively short time in the hospital. They do not need high flow oxygen, the average length of stay is apparently three days, this is not the same disease we saw a year ago “he commented.

Contrasting what was mentioned by the immunologist, Infobae rescues the study collected by the Kingdom Health Security Agency, where it estimates that cases of contagion by Omicron are between 31% and 45% less likely to be admitted to the ICU compared to those with Delta.

However, this does not mean that we should lower our guard. Health experts warn that the increase in new cases that are being reported in different countries can flood hospitals with cases of omicron, because it is more contagious. This variant spreads much easier than the other strains of the coronavirus.

“I don’t want to be an alarmist, but I don’t think you can let your guard down”Christina Ramírez, a biostatistician at the University of California in Los Angeles, pointed out.

“This is a time when the NHS (National Health Service) is greatly depleted by the new variant of the coronavirus and, furthermore, is stressed and fatigued after two thankless years on the front line, this would be unsustainable”Bell alerted.




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