HeathcareThe myths behind keratin: its function, advantages and precautions

The myths behind keratin: its function, advantages and precautions


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Keratin is a frequently used treatment, but the consequences of this chemical or the advantages and disadvantages of this famous product are not known.

Keratin is a cosmetic that regenerates the hair cuticle. Hair is usually damaged by factors such as dyes or atmospheric conditions. This is why treatment helps improve appearance of hair fiber.

Although it is used to create the appearance of a straightener, when a person applies it and has curly or wavy hair it can be shiny and manageable, but not straight.

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The main idea of ​​this product is to nourish, repair the fibers, curb frizz and restructure it.

The main advantages of keratin

  • Create a smoothing, silky and manageable effect by increasing the amount of weather than other product.
  • Add shine.
  • Make your hair look youthful.
  • Make it unravel with ease.
  • Restore vitality and strength from the root.

How should keratin be applied?

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Treatment should be applied carefully and with the help of an expert. The instructions must be precise, since the chemicals improperly handled, they could damage hair and skin.

1. Hair should be washed, preferably applying a shampoo without salt.

2. Dry with the help of a dryer, completely removing moisture.

3. Separate the hair into small sections with clips.

4. Apply the product from the roots to the ends covering all the hair approximately by 30 minutes. Spread the product, leave it to act, dry and smooth it usually takes between 60 and 90 minutes.

5. It is necessary to iron in an orderly manner, making the product soak properly.

6. Do not wash hair for at least 4 days.

7. Keratin straightening, done right, should last 3-5 months.

How should hair be cared for after applied?

  • Do not wash it 4 days following of the application.
  • Do not tie your hair Next 4 days.
  • It is better not to expose the hair to the sun at the time of application.
  • Touching your hair as little as necessary to keep it straight.
  • Try to use a shampoo sulfate free and wash it maximum 2 times a week.
  • Do not apply heat from dryers or irons because the nutrients of the treatment are lost.
  • Avoid chlorine in swimming pools.
  • Apply a conditioner with keratin to keep it silky for much longer

Application precautions

Who have a hair very fine and straight you should take precautionary measures, the treatment can be very harsh for your scalp. It is best to consult an expert.

Some chemicals can cause allergies. It is better to inquire into the components, investigate them carefully.

Preferably choose a product with natural components to prevent a possible allergy.

If you have the dyed hair it is very likely that it will change tonality.

The amount of formalin that the treatment should have cannot be greater than 0,2 %, that is 2 parts of formaldehyde for every 1000 parts of product.

Harms and disadvantages of keratin

  • The person may perceive an increase in hair loss, especially in fine hair damaged by the heat of the iron and the dryer. It can become dry and damaged.
  • If the keratin has formaldehyde, exposure to high concentrations of the vapor or gas that comes out of the application of this product can cause breathing difficulties and even death.
  • Formalin also produces allergic reactions severe skin conditions, so it is important to consult experts before, during and after treatment.
  • People with asthma cannot apply this product due to exposure to formaldehyde.

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