Heathcare"Not getting vaccinated goes against citizenship", laments Professor Michel...

“Not getting vaccinated goes against citizenship”, laments Professor Michel Carles


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In its latest update, published this Tuesday evening, the Regional Health Agency (ARS) Paca, reports a more worrying situation than ever. In the last week of 2021, “viral circulation reached an unprecedented level with an unprecedented increase”, notes the organization. And in the Alpes-Maritimes department, the incidence rate has now reached 1,590 cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants.

At the same time, a continuous increase in the cost of hospital services (including 11 more in intensive care). Result, according to the ARS, of a “rapid propagation of the Omicron variant” (which represents nearly 50% of the variants in circulation according to it) but also of a “still high” circulation of the Delta variant. At the Nice University Hospital, Professor Michel Carles, head of the infectious disease department, confirms the superposition of these two waves and denounces a certain “incivility”: “Not being vaccinated today is really incomprehensible. “

Where are we with the Omicron variant at the CHU de Nice?

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It has stagnated for two weeks around 33%. We are showing a certain delay in the rest of France because it entered the country from the north and since there was also a delay in the screening the last week. But, given its great contagiousness, it will still progress and probably become the majority in the days to come.

Is this good news?

At the moment, we still have to face, at the same time, a lot of cases of the Delta variant, which is less contagious but much more aggressive, more pathogenic. With the rise of Omicron, it is expected to have a further increase in the number of contaminations. But, with it, the frequency of severe forms is lower. So, yes, in a way, that is indeed good news. But it will still cause deaths among fragile people. Omicron will continue to kill. And the pressure will always be great for hospitals given the skyrocketing incidence rate. This is why we must not let our guard down. And especially not to slow down on the vaccination. Quite the contrary.

Does the Nice University Hospital still see falsely vaccinated Covid-19 patients arriving?

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Yes, but now they are reporting it. We have repeatedly said that it complicates their care and that it puts them even more in danger. In general, not being vaccinated today is really incomprehensible. What is most shocking is the incivility aspect of the thing. We know that we can catch a germ and pass it on, but we put our personal point of view, our whim, before the idea of ​​living together. This attitude runs counter to citizenship.

Are many caregivers also affected in your hospitals?

Not too much at the moment. The impact of this wave on staff does not prevent the services from running. It is rather the structural crisis in the units which persists and which complicates matters for the moment.

Should the generalization of FFP2 masks be decided, as some advocate, to deal with the contagiousness of the Omicron variant?

I think this is a bad idea. FFP2 can be difficult to endure for a long time when used properly. There could be widespread misuse elsewhere than in health facilities and for caregivers. Rather, it should be possible to enforce the wearing of a surgical mask for all where it is necessary. When you are alone outdoors or in an atmosphere where people are very far apart, there is no point in wearing it, even with this much more contagious variant.

More than 6.2 million Covid-19 screening tests were carried out in a week, a record.
More than 6.2 million Covid-19 screening tests were carried out in a week, a record. – SYSPEO / SIPA

Could it, as evoked in particular by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, form the last wave of the epidemic?

It’s an idea that has been picked up by a number of people for a while. With over 200,000 cases per day and less severity, it should improve overall immunity. Especially since it would complement the vaccination which is based on different variants. Little by little they gained in contagiousness and their pathogenesis, after a plateau, now tends to decrease. We can think that it continues like this and that the Covid will eventually become the “little gripette” that some people mistakenly mentioned at the beginning.


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