World Heavily criticized, the White House adviser withdraws

Heavily criticized, the White House adviser withdraws


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648x415 president donald trump listens as dr deborah birx white house coronavirus response coordinator

Dr. Deborah Birx has not always been in agreement with Donald Trump’s positions on the Covid-19 crisis. – ALEX BRANDON/AP/SIPA

White House Coronavirus Crisis Staff Coordinator Deborah Birx has announced that she will step down once Joe Biden takes over as president on January 20. Ella is going to retire, after recent criticism of a family reunion amid a pandemic. With Dr Anthony Fauci, Dr Deborah Birx sought to embody the scientific backing of this crisis unit, and for months played a balancing act between his calls for caution and an executive trying to minimize the importance of the pandemic.

“I will help in any role that people think I can help with, and then I will step down,” the outlet told the media Tuesday night. News Dr. Birx. White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany confirmed the departure of the coordinator. “President Donald Trump has great respect for and appreciates Dr. Birx. We wish him the best, ”she tweeted Tuesday night.

A family celebration that does not pass

The 64-year-old former serviceman, a world-renowned specialist in the fight against AIDS, was recently criticized for attending a family reunion in late November in Delaware after Thanksgiving. She had asked the Americans to stay at home to curb the epidemic. “We did not visit anyone, we never had people at home,” said Deborah Birx, however.

These reviews were “very difficult” for her and her family, she added. “She tried to support me, but involve my family in it,” she said, explaining that her parents had “stopped eating and drinking because they were so depressed” because of the pandemic.

Conflicts with Donald Trump

Dr Birx was with Dr Fauci one of the respected figures in the fight against Covid-19 in the United States and regularly participated in press conferences organized at the White House in the spring. She had defended respect for health security measures, including wearing a mask, when Donald Trump appeared at campaign meetings where very few of his supporters wore them.

But the doctor had drawn strong criticism for having judged in an interview in March that Donald Trump was “attentive to scientific literature” thanks to “his long experience in the business world”. She had despite everything made the joy of Internet users a month later by watching, with dismayed air, Donald Trump advocating the injection of disinfectant or the projection of ultraviolet rays into the body to fight the virus, during a press briefing that became viral. Her calls for caution and pessimism over the spread of the pandemic had angered the Republican billionaire, who accused her of giving in to pressure from the opposition in August.



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