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How Atari is betting on Bitcoin, NFTs and virtual casinos to rise from the ashes


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Atari is betting on Bitcoin, NFTs and virtual casinos for its conversion – Geeko

Atari has just announced the upcoming launch of a collection of NFT, non-fungible digital works protected by the blockchain. A concept that has been on the rise for several weeks. For fans of the former video game giant, this is an opportunity to treat themselves to digital collector’s items bearing the effigy of two video game monuments: Centipede and Pong.

But that’s not Atari’s only new project. The group, which became French in 2003, also plans to build several hotels and open a new kind of online casino. It should also be noted that Atari has already recently launched into the cryptocurrency market by offering its own currency, Atari Token.

A monument of video games

Atari bets on Bitcoin, NFTs and virtual casinos for its conversion
Atari bets on Bitcoin, NFTs and virtual casinos for its conversion – Geeko

Launched in the 1970s in the United States, Atari is considered a pioneer and founder of the video game industry. It became known in particular for its arcade machines, its home consoles, but also for its video games that have become cult; Pong, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, etc.

Unfortunately, as video games became more and more popular, the competition became fiercer and Atari failed to cope with the arrival of consoles from Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft, losing little. little of its splendor.

The American company, which passed under the French flag following its takeover by Infogrames in 2003, has tried on several occasions to return to the forefront of the video game scene, notably with a mini version of the Atari 2600 and more recently the Atari VCS. , a modern and hybrid console, half-console, half-PC, which does not seem to match the PS5 and the Xbox Series.

But over the years, Atari has also tried to diversify its activities to go up the slope. The company has indeed multiplied the projects, but it has mainly relied on its most popular licenses to stay afloat.

Today, Atari no longer seems to want to focus solely on the video game sector. This is why the French group is multiplying unusual projects with all the same, in the background, the world of video games.

Atari hotels

Atari bets on Bitcoin, NFTs and virtual casinos for its conversion
Atari bets on Bitcoin, NFTs and virtual casinos for its conversion – Geeko

At the beginning of March 2021, the French group Atari unveiled its plan to build several hotels, notably in Dubai, Spain and Gibraltar, in partnership with the German holding company ICICB. A project that will ultimately be more important than expected since it is now a question of hotels in several European countries, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The particularity of these hotels is that they will be designed to immerse customers in the world of video games. We can therefore imagine that the decoration will honor the various consoles of the manufacturer and the large licenses of Atari. The hotels will also have Atari play areas in which customers will obviously be able to play the cult Atari licenses on the manufacturer’s consoles.

An Atari cryptocurrency

Another big Atari project: cryptocurrency. Last October, the French group indeed launched into the digital currency market with Atari Token. A cryptocurrency a bit particularly since it is only intended to be used “in the group’s fields of activity: cryptocurrency casinos, video games or blockchain games”. For Atari CEO Frédéric Chesnais, cryptocurrencies are the future. “I firmly believe in blockchain, I think this technology is here for good,” he said.

An “Atari casino”

Shortly after its rather successful launch in the digital currency market, Atari announced the opening of a “crypto-casino” on Decentraland, an interactive and open-source virtual reality platform based on the ethereum cryptocurrency. The principle of the crypto-casino is obviously the same as a traditional casino. Cryptoassets – people with a virtual currency wallet – can play their money in virtual casinos without having to convert their dollars or euros.

But Atari’s launch into the crypto-entertainment market won’t be limited to casinos. “Atari is preparing to move the gaming experience to the blockchain,” said its CEO, Frédéric Chesnais. The Atari casino will actually offer several online games reminiscent of the most legendary creations of the company. Players will then be able to earn NFTs bearing the effigy of Atari, but also MANAs – native tokens of Decentraland which allow the acquisition of LANDs, plots of land on the platform – as well as Atari Tokens.

However, you will have to wait a while before you can venture into Atari’s virtual casino. The launch date of the latter should be announced during the month of April.

A collection of NFT

Atari bets on Bitcoin, NFTs and virtual casinos for its conversion
Atari bets on Bitcoin, NFTs and virtual casinos for its conversion – Geeko

Finally, Atari announced that it will launch a collection of NFT, digital works protected by the blockchain. This Atari Capsule will consist of several digital objects bearing the effigy of Pong and Centipede which will be auctioned from March 30 to April 2. Some collectibles will also be associated with physical items, which should motivate retro gaming enthusiasts to participate in the auction.

Fans of Atari and lovers of retro-gaming games will be able to bid to acquire several digital works inspired by Centipede, but also a physical Centipede kiosk of original restored and functional accompanied by a limited Centipede digital kiosk bearing the digital autograph. by Dona Bailey, the creator of the video game Centipede.

The auction will also include a virtual Pong kiosk with the digital autograph of Al Alcorn – the creator of Pong -, 2D pixel art files of Pong and other similar items.

It’s hard to imagine that Atari can really go up the slope by betting on cryptocurrency and NFTs. However, its title exploded on the stock market with each of these announcements. The Atari Capsule Collection could also meet with great success. Retro gaming is still very popular today, and although it is in digital form, Centipede and Pong collectibles should easily find buyers.

In any case, one thing is certain, Atari has not said its last word.



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