Economy How do you conclude a cover letter?

How do you conclude a cover letter?


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Writing an application or cover letter requires patience, in order to showcase yourself without overdoing it and to succeed in standing out enough for the recruiter to remember you fondly despite a stack of CVs. After so much effort, it would be a shame to ruin everything by botching the conclusion.

Beware of excess

The French language indeed contains many polite formulas that it is advisable to know how to choose according to the situations, at the risk of showing disrespect without wanting to. But while a professional application letter cannot end in a familiar way, it is also important to know how to keep up with the times. Precisely, the rise of emails has simplified the existing tacit codes in this area to focus on shorter and modern sentences. Ultimately, it’s all a question of dosage.

The “Good to you” is therefore to be avoided. Likewise, avoid expressions like “My best regards”, which implies a certain closeness, as well as the usual “Sincerely”, which implies that the two interlocutors are treating as equals. Conversely, we must not fall into obsequiousness. The recruiter might be annoyed by your “high consideration” or “deep respect”. More generally, more and more professionals tend to think that the mention of “feelings”, a fortiori “Devoted” is a bit old-fashioned, while the phrase “Please believe in” is outdated and rather heavy. But this is not an exact science and it will all depend on who reads your cover letter.

Formulas that hit the mark

To avoid any blunder, it is prudent to remain sober and classic to conclude your cover letter. Thus, for an application email, you can bet on simplicity: “Sincerely,” “My best regards” or “My respectful. greetings ”.

For a motivational letter, take the wording up a notch by using “Please accept, Madam, Sir” (or “receive” or “accept”) followed, as desired, by phrases such as “my sincere greetings”, “My best regards”, “the assurance of my consideration” or even “my respectful greetings”.



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