EconomyHow do you find a good plumber?

How do you find a good plumber?


Uncontrollable water leaks, blocked pipes, defective flushing, capricious boiler, flooding… Distraught and under the blow of the emergency, one can often be tempted to contact the first plumber come. However, in order to avoid scams and disappointments such as overbilling, poor workmanship and delays within the deadlines previously agreed, it is better not to act in haste and take your time in order to hire a professional who will give complete satisfaction.

Don’t know who to turn to? Here are our tips to help you find a reliable craftsman.

A good reputation

In the construction industry, finding that rare gem can be complicated. First, rely on word of mouth. If no one around you can recommend a good plumber, take a look around the web, relying on the reviews and comments of previous clients. Another possibility is to get information from approved networks such as the UNCP (National Union of Union Chambers of Roofing and Plumbing in France) or the FFB (French Building Federation).

In general, it is best to avoid flyers left in your mailbox and advertisements on the Internet. If very good professionals use these methods of communication, many give rise to scams.

Learn about the company

On the advice of your relatives or anonymous Internet users, you have found some references that seem promising to you but would like to know more? Any serious craftsman plumber must be able to provide you with his SIRET number, so that you can easily verify his legal status and be sure of his qualifications. To get an idea of ​​its know-how, check for example if it has Qualibat, Qualigaz or PG (professional gas) certifications, the QSE guarantee (quality safety environment) or the RGE label (recognized guarantor of the environment).

As the profession is regulated, he must also be able to present you with a diploma attesting to training recognized by the State. Finally, he must have professional liability insurance and a ten-year guarantee.

The quote, an essential element

Compulsory from 150 euros, a quote summarizes the nature of all the work, the parts to be installed, the cost of labor, the duration of the warranty, the response times, the contact details of the professional and the total price. This document must be presented to you by the craftsman after he has established his diagnosis following his site visit or a very detailed telephone call (in the event of an emergency). Check the hourly rate of your craftsman (this varies on average between 30 and 90 euros), in particular if he applies an increase on evenings, weekends and holidays, and if he charges travel expenses. Do not hesitate to request several quotes in order to compare them.

Be careful, if the most expensive solution is not always the best, selecting the plumber who offers you the cheapest rates is not necessarily a wise choice either. As a general rule, beware of interventions billed well above or well below market prices.

Check your specialty

Choosing a qualified service provider also depends on your needs and the nature of the specific work you want to have done. In fact, the plumbing trades are divided into many specialties, ranging from plumber-heating engineer to multiservice plumber, including green energy expert and sanitary installer. So, in order not to be disappointed, opt for a competent professional for the desired intervention.



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