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How does the ecological bonus help to buy a car?


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If the ecological bonus currently makes it possible to obtain € 7,000 in aid for an electric vehicle, it should decrease this summer. – IStock / City Presse

Each year its modifications to come within the nails of the famous ecological bonus, which aims to boost the purchase of clean vehicles. And with the health crisis, the pace has accelerated further. 20 Minutes takes stock of current aid.

A high entry ticket

If car manufacturers are offering more and more varied electric and hybrid models, the entry ticket is nonetheless high. It takes at least 20,000 euros for a small city car and more than 30,000 for a sedan, when the family versions can easily double the bill.

This is where the ecological bonus comes into play. This premium of several thousand euros is directly deducted from the purchase invoice by the dealer. Otherwise, you have 6 months after the acquisition to make your request in order to be reimbursed.

From 2,000 to 7,000 euros

The ecological bonus mainly targets new cars, including long-term rental. To benefit from it, you must opt ​​for a 100% electric model emitting less than 20 g of CO2 / km or a plug-in hybrid whose rate does not exceed 50 g and with more than 50 km of autonomy. Please note, simple hybrids without a charging socket have been excluded for several years. Last formality, you must not resell the car within 6 months or 6,000 km that follow.

Side rebate, it all depends on the type of engine and the purchase price, knowing that the envelope has been inflated as part of the economic stimulus plan. In mainland France, the bonus reaches 7,000 euros (within the limit of 27% of the acquisition cost) for a new electric car costing less than 45,000 euros, against assistance of 3,000 euros for an invoice of less than 60,000 euros. Beyond that, only light commercial vehicles and vehicles running on hydrogen can claim this amount. The Ultramarins, for their part, benefit from an additional 1,000 euros, whatever the purchase price of the vehicle.

The boost, however, is rather symbolic when you buy a plug-in hybrid. The envelope is limited here to 2,000 euros, only if the vehicle costs less than 50,000 euros. Here again, 1,000 euros are added in Overseas.

In July, we reshuffle the cards

If the scale of the ecological bonus is in principle reviewed annually, the health crisis has upset the schedule. While the boost offered by the economic recovery plan was due to end in early 2021, the finance law finally extended these measures until June 30, 2021. Unless there is a new surprise extension, the the amounts mentioned above will therefore fall this summer.

Therefore, the envelope will be capped at 6,000 euros for the purchase of a new 100% electric vehicle (still within the limit of 27% of the acquisition cost) and 2,000 euros for a price between 45,000 and 60,000 euros. , knowing that light commercial vehicles and hydrogen vehicles will always be able to claim the rebate above this threshold. Likewise, the additional bonus of 1,000 euros for Overseas Territories has not changed. Warning: it is planned to limit the bonus to 5,000 euros in 2022. As for plug-in hybrid models, their aid will be reduced to 1,000 euros to be deducted from the purchase invoice, before their complete exclusion from the device in 2022.

A small bonus for the occasion

If the objective of the State is to renew the vehicle fleet, a slight boost is offered to those who opt for a used car. This concerns 100% electric vehicles emitting less than 20 g of CO2 / km. The first registration must be more than two years old, and you must not resell this vehicle for at least two years. The ecological bonus amounts to 1,000 euros for a used electric car. There are currently no plans to remove it in the coming months.

In addition, it should be noted that you can combine the ecological bonus and the conversion bonus to further reduce the bill for your new vehicle.



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