World How SNCF wants to attract travelers again

How SNCF wants to attract travelers again


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648x415 tgv oceane gare saint jean bordeaux 11 juillet 2018

TGV Océane at Saint-Jean station in Bordeaux, July 11, 2018. – M.Bosredon/20Minutes

  • France begins the first phase of its deconfinement, this Monday, with the reopening of middle and high schools and the end of the ban on travel more than 10 kilometers from his home.
  • As travel between regions is once again authorized, SNCF has announced the strengthening of its service, with the resumption of almost normal traffic.
  • Multiplication of trains, very advantageous prices, reimbursement conditions… SNCF has unveiled its plan to attract travelers again in the coming weeks, in particular for the Ascension and Pentecost bridges.

Who says deconfinement, says resumption of travel. This Monday, May 3 marks the reopening of middle and high schools, but also the end of the ban on travel between regions. Good news for all the French who were impatient to go back to the weekend.

Attractive prices, multiplication of trains, reimbursement conditions … 20 Minutes takes stock of the measures taken by SNCF to attract travelers again.

Will rail traffic fully resume?

From Monday, May 3, the SNCF will strengthen its service, especially in view of the Ascension and Pentecost weekend, the group announced in a press release published on Monday. “Today, you have about four out of ten TGVs running, reduced mobility obliges, (…) one in two Intercités and then eight out of ten TER. From May 3, we are reassembling this transport offer so that the French can travel ”, explained the CEO of SNCF Voyageurs, Christophe Fanichet, on Europe 1 last week.

The SNCF plans eight TGV out of 10 for the weekend of May 7 and “practically all” during the May, Ascension and Pentecost bridges, in particular on the South-East and the Atlantic coast, he added. The group expects nine TER out of ten on average and three Intercités out of four. If reservations are open for the next few weeks, travelers can also pick up their summer vacation tickets. “The French want to move,” he summed up, noting that the pace of reservations was picking up “gradually”. “We are going to accompany this desire to train,” he stressed.

Does the SNCF have any price offers?

From this Monday, the SNCF will put online 5 million tickets at a maximum of 39 euros. “Sold from May 3 to 19, they will be distributed according to the destinations and can be used until August 29 on Ouigo, Inoui and Intercités. This operation aims to help the French to plan their holidays in France, in 3,000 destinations. Over the period, this represents one in four TGV places at this price ”, explained the CEO of SNCF Voyageurs to the Parisian, this Monday. But good news never comes alone. Until August 29, all children under 12 will be able to travel to all destinations at the single price of 8 euros.

And to encourage the French to take the train, the SNCF reactivated its Wednesday morning promotion. From May 5, the group is relaunching the operation “Un Wednesday oh oui! Which allows travelers to purchase the low cost tickets that are still available for the weekend. “Customers will no longer have to type all destinations on Yes one by one. sncf to find low prices, this selection of journeys will be highlighted on the site, ”Christophe Fanichet explained to our colleagues.

A news that should delight fans of Ouigo. SNCF has added four new cities to the list of destinations served by its low cost trains: Quimper, Auray, Vannes and Lorient. These trains will run from July 3 to August 29, but reservations can be made as of Tuesday, May 4. “More than 40,000 tickets are available from 19 euros for the summer holidays on these new destinations and at a fixed price of 5 euros for children,” said SNCF in its press release.

Are the repayment conditions the same as during the crisis?

Since the start of the health crisis, TGV tickets were all refundable or exchangeable, without conditions, until the train left. Now the rule is changing a little bit. It will always be possible to exchange or get a refund, provided you do so three days before departure. “Some took multiple tickets and canceled at the last moment. It means that you weren’t sure you had a place. Our goal is that the French can each have a ticket “, detailed Christophe Fanichet on Franceinfo, adding:” It was an expectation of the French who wish to be able to change at the last moment, to be able to take their ticket without any constraint. “

At the same time, SNCF has indicated that it is giving up overbooking. This practice, which made it possible to travel standing up, on a folding seat, or in the reserved seats left vacant, will no longer be possible. “I know that this measure will be criticized because some were ready to pay at all costs to travel in a full train. The majority of our travelers were happy to find a ticket but once on the train, unhappy at not being able to sit down, ”he explained.



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