Economy How to avoid trick questions during a job interview?

How to avoid trick questions during a job interview?


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Each job interview is unique. Depending on the boss, the company or the professional branch, the recruitment criteria vary. On the other hand, the objective remains the same: to test the reactions of the candidates by means of questions which could, at first sight, seem banal, even preposterous. This is why it is important to prepare for it, so as not to be destabilized.

Avoid boring enumeration

The introduction often begins with a: “Tell me about yourself”. This must be answered by avoiding pitfalls such as “I think you have everything in my CV” or “I don’t know where to start”. The recruiter has your curriculum in hand, so they already know a lot. No need, therefore, to resume your route linearly.

It is about giving relief to your CV, by highlighting a common thread, a path, which is not necessarily obvious on paper. All this while focusing your presentation on a few salient points, so as to paint a concise portrait of your knowledge, experiences and motivations. However, don’t say too much, the interview is just beginning.

Know how to sell

One of the most unsettling questions is undoubtedly: “What are your qualities and your faults? “. Not shooting yourself in the foot, without seeming smug or self-righteous, is a perilous exercise. It’s all a question of dosage. For example, you can talk about one of your failures and what you learned from it. Cite what those around you say about you – an opportunity to show that you are paying attention – while also mentioning the points on which you intend to improve.

The question “What do you have more than the other candidates?” »Aims, moreover, to assess your understanding of the employer’s expectations and the challenges of the position. Adaptation and ease of learning are the key words to use here. As for the unconditional “What are your salary expectations?” », Find out beforehand about the price lists for your branch. If your previous salary was consistent with the practices of your profession, do not hesitate to indicate it to the recruiter, mentioning the additional advantages from which you benefit (telephone, computer, teleworking, etc.). It is important not to evade the question and not to inflate his pay too much, because the employer knows the market prices.

Warning: preparing does not mean inventing ready-made fake answers. Conversely, it is about relieving yourself of a penalizing pressure, to highlight your specificity as an individual.

Destabilize the candidate

Proof that we can never prepare for all the whims of recruiters, the “tops” of the most unusual questions in job interviews come out regularly. Here are some pearls of the kind:
– “If I came to dine with you, what would you prepare to eat?” “
– “Tell me a joke …”
– “For what reasons will I not hire you?” “
– “On a scale of 1 to 10, what grade do you give me as a recruiter?” “



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