Economy How to benefit from MaPrimeRénov 'without making mistakes?

How to benefit from MaPrimeRénov ‘without making mistakes?


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Processing times can be a problem. – IStock / City Presse

Numerous financial measures allow you to improve your home at a lower cost. But there is often a world between theory and practice. The many households trying to obtain MaPrimeRénov ‘, the new energy renovation program, have been experiencing this for several months. When it comes time to put together your file, certain pitfalls should be avoided.

A priori easy process

The application file must be made online, upstream of your work project. After having created your account on the dedicated site, you can submit your request there along with the necessary estimates made by RGE professionals (“recognized guarantor of the environment”) and obtain a first estimate of the amount of the help.

Once the confirmation of the acceptance of your file received by email, you can start the work. When it is finished, all you have to do is deposit the craftsman’s invoice in your online space to receive the promised payment by bank transfer.

Files that drag on

Unfortunately, in the fall of 2020, industry professionals and consumer associations noted several hiccups. In addition to technical problems preventing the process from continuing, it is above all the length of the processing times for files by the National Housing Agency (Anah) that has been singled out. Often involved a succession of time-consuming additional requests.

To improve this management, the organization in charge of the system recently wanted to demonstrate pedagogy during a webinar, by delivering several recommendations intended to ensure “the completeness of the files”.

An exact identity

Difficulties can arise from the identity of the applicant. It is indeed up to the beneficiary to create an account in his name and no one else. RIB, supporting documents and invoices provided must display his surname. So be careful for couples to always indicate the same person: if the file is in the name of Madam but the quotes in that of Mr., you will undoubtedly receive a request for additional information.

Likewise, remember to keep consistency between your different procedures: if one asks for MaPrimeRénov ‘and the other for energy saving certificates (EEC), the administration will also have difficulty linking the two files. that this second device is taken into account in the calculation of the first. In addition, if the work concerns your future home, all documents must mention its address and not that of your current home.

Beware of approximate quotes

More complicated to manage for individuals: the accuracy of quotes and invoices. Anah noted a good number of supporting documents that were too imprecise to meet the technical criteria necessary for obtaining the grants. The nature of the work must indeed be described in a clear manner, while making it possible to make compliance with technical constraints understandable. Therefore, it is up to the households to ensure that everything is detailed in the documents provided. For example, if you have a window or a boiler replaced, the professional must mention the new model installed and the characteristics of the old one.

Finally, the mention of the RGE label – a condition for all public aid – must feature prominently on the quotes and invoices provided. You can obtain information on the official website and contact an advisor from the public energy renovation service on 0 808 800 700 (non-surcharged call).



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