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How to conduct your investigation of the company you want to integrate?


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To show your motivation and know where you are stepping your feet, it is imperative that you do your little investigation of the company you are applying to. – IStock / City Presse

The smallest detail of your life can be revealed on the Web. Disability for the candidate (in the event that unflattering elements are revealed), this information can be used by employers as part of their recruitment campaign. However, this source of information works both ways.

The majority of companies are developing their communication on the Internet in order to increase their notoriety and expand their customer base. They build an “employer brand”: identity, image of the company reflecting its values, its objectives, its place in its sector, its reputation vis-à-vis the general public… So much information for a candidate. Faced with a recruiter, the job seeker must indeed be able to show that he has mastered his subject, both concerning the position for which he is applying and the company that hosts him.

References to use

Be careful, because employers spot those who have not done their homework correctly and are content to increase the number of CVs in their branch without taking an interest in the activities of the companies to which they are applying. This is why the unique CV and cover letter, reprinted interchangeably without taking into account the destination of the application, have little chance of scoring points.

The recruiter who will take note of your file will thus endeavor to identify your skills, your passion but also your involvement in this application, through the references that you will make in relation to the values ​​and objectives of the targeted company. An attitude that will have to be pursued during a possible interview.

Well-chosen terms

To do this, the minimum is to consult the official website of the company. Retaining a few key elements of the employer brand is an additional asset. But it is also interesting to “google” it in order to extend its field of vision and information. The opportunity to assess the importance of its engagement on the Web, to read positive and negative feedback from customers, employees, even candidates, and consequently to define it more.

However, it is not a question of learning by heart the speech of the company and regurgitating it all at once. The subtlety is required to include a few well-chosen terms in your cover letter and then during the interview, without losing your personality in the process. Recruiters don’t appreciate obsequiousness.

Your sources of information

The Internet will allow you to draw up a comprehensive portrait of the company. An opportunity to shine in an interview, but also to know more precisely what to expect. To do this, you need to diversify your sources of information:

  • The official website of the company: the first element of the employer brand.
  • Any partner blogs: they participate in the positioning of the company.
  • Personal and professional social networks: for critical feedback but also to contact company employees and ask them about the suitability of your profile for the position sought.
  • The “googlization” of society: it allows a broad view, including in particular the press and forums.



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