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How to file a complaint when you are the victim of a financial scam?


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Cryptocurrencies, investment diamonds, wines or even parking lots, financial investment scams have a tendency to multiply for several years on the Internet. In order to protect savers from any unpleasant surprises, the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) therefore regularly works on education and prevention.

Zero risk does not exist. Are you the victim of a scam? The sector policeman reminds us of the conduct to be adopted in order to file a complaint effectively.

The authorities to contact as soon as possible

In the event of an investment with a website which ultimately turns out to be fraudulent, you must contact the legal authorities as soon as possible. For this, you can send your complaint directly to the court by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. That said, it is easier to contact the local police station or gendarmerie, which can also provide you with information on all the elements likely to support your case. To save time, you can also fill out a pre-complaint on the official website before traveling.

In any case, it is imperative to explain in detail what happened to you, providing as much information as possible. In addition to the domain name of the website in question, you should try to give the identities and contact details of the people with whom you have been in contact, tell how you were baited and specify the total amount defrauded. All documents, contracts, transfer orders, email exchanges and even screenshots will also be useful in the investigation of the case. This is why it is essential to always keep all traces of your financial transactions.



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