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How to file an over-indebtedness file with the Banque de France via the Internet?


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The number of over-indebtedness files has fallen continuously since 2015, at a rate of – 9% on average per year. According to the latest data from the Banque de France published in February, in 2020, 108,731 files were submitted to over-indebtedness commissions in mainland France, of which 97% were deemed admissible. This represents a decrease of 24% compared to 2019.

However, households – mostly isolated women living below the poverty line – accumulate an average slate of just over 30,000 euros (excluding real estate) when entering the Banque de France. If consumer debts are down, they still represent 37% of the bill, against 34% for real estate, which is constantly rising, and 13% for current charges (especially housing, taxes, energy and communication).

File submission

Are you drowning in (unprofessional) debts and can no longer cope with them? When bills and bank overdrafts accumulate without being able to find an amicable staggering solution with your creditors, you must react by filing an over-indebtedness file with the Banque de France. This process can offer a temporary respite if you request the suspension of any foreclosure procedures or a rental eviction for unpaid bills.

In addition to a specific form to be completed, it is above all a question of writing a letter explaining in detail your situation and providing supporting documents. To make your request, you first had to go to a Banque de France counter or send your file by mail. In order to facilitate this process, the institution now offers a new Internet filing alternative.

To do this, you must connect with FranceConnect to the Banque de France website and enter your information once or several times, before submitting your declaration. You will then receive an acknowledgment of receipt within 24 hours, then a certificate of deposit within 2 working days. The over-indebtedness commission has 3 months to decide on the admissibility of your file.

Need help ?

You can get help to complete your file from a Budget advice point, the Caf, the CCAS or even the town hall. Banque de France advisers are available on 3414 (non-surcharged number).



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