Economy How to properly manage a budget for two?

How to properly manage a budget for two?


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Love and money do they mix? It all depends on how you go about managing it. It is true that two are often stronger, especially in financial matters, where two incomes are better than one. But finances can become a point of contention. Here are some tips to avoid it.

Put it all down

While budgets are separated when everyone lives at home, it is usually when we settle down with our other half that we start to share everything… and that the first conflicts can arise. To start off on a good basis, it is therefore better, from the outset, to speak openly about the question of the budget and to discuss how to approach it.

How to distribute compulsory housing expenses? How much do you tend to spend per month on shopping? Would you also like to put money aside to finance hobbies or projects for two? Do I have to open a joint account? These are all questions that must be addressed while listening to each other’s expectations, in order to find the budget balance that will suit both of you.

Go gradually

If the best management method is specific to each couple, it may be wise to start by defining a common budget for compulsory expenses (rent, energy, shopping, etc.) and planning a separate second to save for travel or important purchases for two, while keeping an individual budget for personal expenses. This so-called “50-30-20” financial strategy is a good way to combine the transparency of a common pot with everyone’s need for independence.

To be fair, you can also set your participation in proportion to your resources, when there is a significant difference between income within the couple. Also remember to take stock each month on the chosen organization, in order to check that all the invoices have been paid correctly and that the amount of the budget is appropriate.

Couples who like to share

According to a Harris Interactive study carried out for L’Observatoire Cetelem in 2020, 76% of French people have a common bank account. Even more, 51% of respondents even donate their entire income to it, a figure that increases for couples who are married or have been together for a long time. However, respondents feel free to spend, totally (50%) or in part (42%), and consider that their personal purchases of pleasure are not a source of conflict (84%).



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