Economy How to successfully sell your home?

How to successfully sell your home?


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In a difficult context, you have to adopt the right strategy to sell your property at best. – IStock / City Presse

When thinking about selling a property, it is obviously recommended to take the temperature of the market, both local and national. There are indeed times that are more favorable than others to sell your home at the best price and within a short period of time.

In 2021, for example, sellers have to deal with the likely financial difficulties of home applicants, since the pandemic has caused unemployment to rise, which is not ideal. But due to a transfer, new job, divorce, or any other life change, selling your home may be a necessity, not a choice.

Price evaluation

The first step is to determine the price of your property. A central element that can stand in the way of the realization of your future projects. You must base your calculations on the purchase price of your home, to which must be added the costs of any repair, improvement and expansion work carried out since. The amount obtained constitutes a minimum threshold so as not to sell at a loss.

It is then a question of evaluating the value of the property with regard to the local real estate market. To do this, consult the real estate ads in the area corresponding to properties similar to yours. It’s also a good way to get a feel for the competition. Likewise, have real estate agents carry out several estimates in order to determine a price range that will serve as a basis for setting the price of your home. Finally, complete your survey by consulting the real prices of the transfers listed by the Superior Council of Notaries on the website

But just because a real estate agent estimated your property at 250,000 euros a year or two ago doesn’t mean that its value is still the same today. In order to take market fluctuations into account, it is best not to rely on a valuation that is more than six months old.

Erase the years …

Like a tenant who refreshes the premises to recover his deposit, the owner must showcase his property if he wants to convince buyers to visit it. Not to mention that the latter are very demanding. To catch their eye and allow yourself to stand firm on the price, it is sometimes necessary to give your interior a facelift. Exit family photo collections. The old bedroom of the elder, converted into a storage room, must also regain its primary function. As for the imposing furniture of another age, they must be able to be put aside so as not to obscure the square meters.

Beyond this depersonalization, small works can be judicious, in particular by passing a paint stroke with light colors. Concentrate your efforts particularly on the kitchen and the bathroom, which are the rooms most scrutinized. Rather than changing everything, repaint your old Formica furniture with a special stain and, if necessary, rethink their layout to meet the expectations of buyers who are looking above all for a functional space. Be careful, however, not to have the madness of grandeur, since these small works will not increase the value of the property, but rather accelerate the sale.

Work your “com”

It is essential to take care of the visibility of your real estate ad to maximize your chances of attracting the attention of buyers. The photos must therefore be crisp, bright and give a good idea of ​​your interior thanks to overviews of the different rooms, otherwise you will not get any visitors.

Whether you choose to involve a real estate agency or to resort to the market between individuals, make sure in all cases to broadcast only one and unique ad and in a controlled manner. There is nothing worse than a property showing on dozens of websites with different characteristics.



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