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How to take delivery of a site after energy saving work


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The players in the construction industry have drawn up sheets summarizing the essential points to check when receiving energy renovation work. – IStock / City Presse

Redoing the insulation of your house or its heating system is not trivial. Beyond the financial cost of the operation, work of such importance can cause inconvenience in the long term if it is poorly carried out. To benefit from the payment of State aid and not encounter any problems afterwards, it is therefore necessary to be vigilant during the quotes, but also during the actual acceptance of the site.

Legal issues

Once the agreed work is completed, the professional must take you on a tour of the site to show you and explain to you what he has achieved. It is a question of taking stock of its performance. This inspection is far from trivial since it will give rise to a work acceptance report. This document, dated and signed by both parties, constitutes a legal act on which you can rely in the event of a subsequent dispute. This is why it allows you to accept the site with or without reservations.

If you notice any technical faults or shortcomings, you can record them in this writing by expressing your reservations. It will then be a matter of agreeing with the company on a deadline for carrying out the necessary corrective work, which will in turn give rise to a so-called “lifting of reservation” report.

Do not rush

It is therefore a question of keeping an eye out during the site verification session. But you still have to know where to look, which is far from obvious when you are not in the business. The first reflex must be to test the installed equipment, in other words to operate the doors and windows to check that they are correctly opened and closed, or to start up the new boiler. Connections, joints and other finishes must be checked.

However, it seems complicated to go beyond simple observations of this type. In order to guide individuals, the Construction Quality Agency, an association bringing together all the professional organizations in the sector, has drawn up around thirty reference sheets corresponding to the various possible energy renovation works. Each document clearly presents the important points to be discussed with the craftsman depending on the nature of the site concerned (insulation, heating, ventilation, carpentry or domestic hot water). A notable progress since, as UFC-Que Choisir recently commented, a good number of botched operations to insulate lost attics carried out within the framework of the “boost” offers at 1 euro have not been validated by the households if they had these summary sheets.

Legal guarantees

Great caution is sometimes not enough to detect a fault. This is why the date of reception of the site determines the starting point of the legal guarantees related to the construction and the resulting insurance. Any disturbances appearing during the first year following the work are covered by the guarantee of perfect completion. Defects which affect equipment that cannot be separated from the structure (boiler, radiator, shutters, etc.) are subject to the guarantee of correct operation for two years.

Finally, the ten-year guarantee engages the responsibility of the company for ten years for all damages which affect the solidity of the structure (collapse of the framework, subsidence of the floor, etc.) or which prevent it from fulfilling its function (water infiltration). water, peeling of tiles…). Works acceptance forms are available on the site.



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