Economy How Urssaf helps entrepreneurs online

How Urssaf helps entrepreneurs online


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The young businessman uses a numerical calculator to calculate the numbers of the company’s financial documents.He is analyzing the company’s financial graphs. — IStock / City Presse

French administrations continue to develop information web portals aimed at guiding users, facilitating their procedures or even informing them of their rights. Not escaping this trend, Urssaf has also entered the niche by offering platforms dedicated to professionals.

In addition to its sites intended for certain audiences or for certain formalities, such as Cesu, Pajemploi or even self-employment, the body responsible for collecting social contributions and contributions has recently put online a platform dedicated this time to support for company founders.

Online simulations

Mon- intends to advise aspiring entrepreneurs throughout their career by helping them in particular to find the right legal status and to compare the different regimes. Once the company is in place, it is then a matter of removing all the uncertainties vis-à-vis the administration at each key stage. What is the amount of corporation tax to be paid? How much does a hire cost? How to resort to partial activity? What hiring aids are available? These are all questions addressed on this platform.

To complete its offer, this information site offers various simulators, this time to a very large audience ranging from employees to the self-employed, including artists, liberal professionals and even self-employed people.

To each his own calculation

Mon- offers simulators according to the professional situation.

  • Employee: have you spotted a job offer at 35K? Be careful, employers always speak in crude. This site allows you to convert this amount to get take-home pay.
  • Self-employed, liberal or self-employed: dedicated simulators make it possible to assess the amount of your net income after tax, based on your turnover and your expenses.
  • Artist-author: this status gives rise to learned calculations. As an indication, you can estimate the social contributions to be paid according to your income.
  • SASU manager: your remuneration is subject to certain social contributions, but not all. Here again, a simulator allows you to calculate your net.



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