World In Florida, tickets for a concert at $ 18...

In Florida, tickets for a concert at $ 18 with vaccine, $ 1,000 without


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Illustration of a concert – Free-Photos/Pixabay

To attend the concert of the group Teenage Bottlerocket scheduled for June 26 in Saint Petersburg, Florida, you will have to pay 18 dollars. But beware, in the event that you are not vaccinated against Covid-19, the ticket will cost you… 999.99 dollars.

Leadfoot Promotions, the company that takes care of the promotion of the event, presents the price of the place at 18 dollars as a discount, granted only against presentation of the vaccination card at the entrance of the concert. “We don’t tell you what to do, we made a business decision, and we let the market decide,” she explains on her website.

“An incentive to be vaccinated”

“If someone comes without being vaccinated, it will scare a large number of customers, and will therefore have to pay the difference”, explains the company. “I also wanted it to be an incentive to get vaccinated so that those who hesitate no longer hesitate,” the man behind the idea, Paul Williams of Leadfoot Promotions, told local channel KAKE. .

“I wanted the kids who want to go to concerts to move around and go get the vaccine injected,” he said. According to Paul Williams, the response from the local music scene has been “overwhelmingly positive”. But anti-vaccines got his phone number and flooded him with unwanted messages, he told KAKE.

As of April 19, all adults in the United States are eligible to receive the vaccine. And adolescents from the age of 12 can now also be vaccinated. More than 166 million people, or just over 50% of the US population, have received at least one dose, while 40% are fully vaccinated. President Joe Biden has set a target for 70% of adults in the country to have received at least one dose by the July 4th National Day.



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