World Investigation in Spain after the death of a patient...

Investigation in Spain after the death of a patient vaccinated with AstraZeneca


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An injection of the AstraZeneca vaccine (illustration). – SYSPEO / SIPA

The Astrazeneca laboratory continues to be in turmoil. While its Covid-19 vaccine is suspended in several countries including France, Spanish health authorities are investigating three cases of people who suffered from blood clots after the administration of it. Above all, one of them died, the National Medicines Agency said on Wednesday.

This announcement comes two days after the suspension by the government for two weeks of the administration of this vaccine, in the face of suspected cases of thrombosis. The three Spanish cases were notified on Monday and Tuesday. “It could be due to the vaccine or not,” Health Minister Carolina Darias said at a press conference. “What we do know is that in these three cases there is a temporal link, but it has not been established that there was a cause and effect link,” she added.

The Minister further clarified “understand that this worries”, while stressing that Spain had recorded only three cases of thrombosis out of a total of 975,661 people who received the AstraZeneca vaccine until its preventive suspension. According to the local press, one of them is a 43-year-old professor, who died of a brain hemorrhage and does not suffer from any known pathology. Health authorities and the hospital where she was admitted, according to media reports, refused to confirm this information.

The conclusions of the EMA expected this Thursday

“We are collecting more information and conducting a thorough investigation,” the Medicines Agency said in its statement. According to the organization, all three people suffered from “blood clots in places that are not the most common.”

For now, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has said it is “firmly convinced” that the benefits of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine outweigh its potential risks, after the reports in various countries of possible blood clots but without a proven link at this stage. The EMA is due to present the findings of its reviews on Thursday.



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