Economy Is your house well insulated?

Is your house well insulated?


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A poorly insulated house lets heat escape through the roof, windows and walls. – IStock / City Presse

As the winter season approaches, your heating is running at full speed, but you still cannot heat your home properly. Perhaps it is that you are living in what is called an “energy strainer”.

Like twenty million other homes in France, yours may be very poorly insulated, causing thermal discomfort and high expenses. How do you know if your home suffers from poor insulation?

The year the house was built

A poorly insulated house mostly lets heat escape through openings. According to the Ecological Transition Agency (formerly Ademe), 25 to 30% of energy leaks through the roof, 20 to 25% through walls and 10 to 15% through windows. If you have recently insulated these points in your home, you should enjoy optimal thermal comfort.

On the other hand, if you are too cold in winter despite the heating, and your home is a real hot water bottle in summer, it is probably that no insulation has been carried out. Indeed, you should know that old houses, that is to say, built before 1974, did not have to meet any obligation in this area. Unless they have undergone energy renovations, most of them are energy strainers.

Have an energy performance diagnostic

To find out, the ideal is to have an energy performance diagnostic carried out. This assessment, carried out by an expert, allows you to obtain a certificate providing information on the energy performance of your home, its needs and its impact in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. This complete examination takes into account the surface, orientation, walls and windows as well as the materials that make up your home, but also the heating and hot water production equipment or the air conditioning and ventilation systems. On the price side, the bill is variable, ranging from 100 to 300 euros, and depends, among other things, on the size of your residence. This diagnosis may be included in certain packages, especially in the event of a sale.

More precise still, the thermal balance makes it possible to detect thermal bridges in the house, that is to say the places where the heat escapes the most. Charged around 300 euros, this study is interesting if you want to renovate your house and improve its insulation.

Some additional tips

In general, there are a few tips for determining how insulated your home is. If doors and windows are closed you can hear outside noise too well, then there is a good chance that your openings are of poor quality and not sufficiently insulating.

Likewise, walls and ceilings are good indicators: if you observe traces of humidity, cold walls, or even mold, there is no doubt that these inconveniences are linked to the poor insulation of your home. Do you tend to heat some rooms more than others, without obtaining adequate thermal comfort? Again, this is a sign of an insulation fault. Finally, if you live in an area where snow is frequent in winter, check that the clumps that pile up on the roof do not melt faster than those on the ground. Otherwise, the heat escapes through the roof and it is very poorly insulated.



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