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It is possible to “hire” a fat or obese person thanks to this company


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Overweight and obesity (illustration). – JEFF HAYNES AFP

The Japanese company Debucari offers since last April to allocate the paying services of an overweight or obese person. The latter are rarer in Japan than in many other countries and a business creator saw it as a business opportunity.

Individuals wishing to offer their services must be of legal age and weigh more than 100 kg, reports Absolute General News. They are also asked not to regard the term “fat” as demeaning. For 2,000 yen (15 euros) per hour, customers can hire one of the people available to perform various tasks.

A service already available in several large cities

Among the needs this offer is intended to meet are trying on clothes for an obese loved one or the company of someone bigger than you to feel better, says Debucari. Modeling missions are also possible. The online service is open to businesses and individuals.

In the latter case, Debucari explains that the entire fee collected is paid to the person hired. The company only receives a commission, determined in advance, for transactions with professional clients. The service is available in several Japanese cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, or in Aichi Prefecture.

The founder of Debucari was already the one who launched Qzilla, a clothing brand for tall people (“plus size”). In 2017, he also opened a talent agency reserved for overweight artists.



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