HeathcareJean-Michel Blanquer indicates that 545 classes are currently closed...

Jean-Michel Blanquer indicates that 545 classes are currently closed in France


“Today, we have 545 closed classes in France,” announced Jean-Michel Blanquer on Tuesday. While on July 2, 374 classes were closed out of 528,400, or 0.07%, according to figures from the Ministry of National Education, the rate now rises a little above 0.1%. “This is important data, which shows that for the moment, we are in a management of the situation which resembles that of last year”, assured the Minister of Education, questioned on the start of the school year during questions to the government in the National Assembly.

Returning to the results of the start of the new school year, Jean-Michel Blanquer underlined that “throughout the territory, we can consider that today it went well, in the sense that the students were there, the teachers were there and where we did not have too important problems coming back ”.

The health protocol currently at “level 2” (out of 4)

Nearly 12.3 million students returned to school on Thursday under the threat of the Delta variant of Covid-19, which raises many questions among parents and teachers. For this start of the school year, the ministry has adopted the “level 2” health protocol (out of 4) which authorizes all students to be received face-to-face and requires them to wear a mask indoors, except in kindergarten.

A case of Covid-19 in an elementary school class leads to a closure, as in June. In the event of contamination in middle or high school, only students with contact cases who are not vaccinated must isolate themselves for one week.


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