World Joe Biden big favorite, but Donald Trump does not...

Joe Biden big favorite, but Donald Trump does not surrender


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648x415 combo this combination of pictures created on november 4 2020 shows democratic presidential nominee

Joe Biden and Donald Trump on the night of November 3-4, 2020. – AFP

  • This Wednesday, Joe Biden confirmed his comeback in the Midwest by winning, according to US media projections, Wisconsin and Michigan.
  • He is getting closer and closer to the fateful course of the 270 grand voters, able to propel him to the White House.
  • But Donald Trump does not let go, and multiplies the remedies in the states still pending. With the idea of ​​appealing to the Supreme Court, which he hopes will be favorable to him.

Donald Trump now has his back to the wall. On Wednesday, Joe Biden confirmed his return to the Midwest by winning, according to US media projections, Wisconsin and Michigan. On paper, the Democratic candidate now points to 253 voters, with a wide open road to the majority in the electoral college (270 votes). But the US president, who accuses the Democrats of trying to “steal” the election, has filed legal action to suspend the counting in Pennsylvania and Michigan, where there were still many postal votes to be counted, and demanded a recount in Wisconsin.

Among the five states still undecided, many combinations would allow Joe Biden to reach the majority. Like winning Nevada and Arizona, where he is leading the race. Or Pennsylvania, where there are over a million mail-in votes yet to be counted. Or a Georgia combination (we’re waiting for the Atlanta suburbs vote) plus Nevada or Arizona.

The battle for postal voting

Donald Trump intends to fight to the end, however. In Wisconsin, his campaign manager filed for a recount, due to a difference of less than 1%. Former Republican state governor Scott Walker, however, recalled that in 2011 and 2016, the recounts found only a few hundred votes of difference.

In Michigan, Donald Trump asked for a suspension of the count because his teams would have “not had access” to certain polling stations to observe the conduct of operations. In Pennsylvania, the US president is seeking to have the mail-in vote sent before the election but received afterwards rejected – ballots can be accepted until Friday, a move decided on because of the pandemic and the slowness of the US Post. The Supreme Court of the United States had refused to oppose this extension but could reconsider the case. With, potentially, new conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett as referee.

America more divided than ever

Joe Biden, however, does not leave the field open to the American president. The Democratic candidate took the floor and promised not to give up anything: “I am not here to claim victory, but we think that we will be victorious once the count is over. Every vote must be counted, no one is going to rob us of our democracy. “

Even though Joe Biden could be elected with a record number of votes, thanks to the highest turnout since 1900, the Democratic wave heralded by numerous polls has not swept through the United States, with a Congress arguably divided. Democrats won a majority in the House, but Republicans are well positioned to retain the Senate. With or without Donald Trump, America remains more divided than ever.



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