World Joe Biden claims victory but Donald Trump hangs on

Joe Biden claims victory but Donald Trump hangs on


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US presidential election: Joe Biden claims victory but Donald Trump hangs on – 20 Minutes

He claimed a “clear victory, a victory for the people”. A stone’s throw from his home, on the Wilmington stage, on Saturday night, Joe Biden promised to “bring America together”. But his mission promises to be difficult, between Donald Trump who refuses for the moment to recognize his defeat and the uncertainty that hangs over the Senate, with Republicans who remain favorites, pending two elections which could be decisive in Georgia on the 5th January.

Before Joe Biden, Kamala Harris spoke. She will become, if the results are confirmed, the first woman, but also the first African-American and Indo-American elected to the vice-presidency. She paid tribute to the suffragists and “generations of women” who paved the way for her.

Joe Biden, he particularly thanked the African-American community for having “always supported”. And he promised to fight to fight against “systemic racism”, and to make the fight against Covid-19 and climate change his priorities.

Donald Trump, for his part, still had not thrown in the towel on Saturday night. His lawyer Rudy Giuliani promised to file new appeals in court on Monday. But many jurists believe that Joe Biden’s advance is too large for Donald Trump to be able to reverse the verdict of the ballot box.



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