Economy Le Grenier Ludique, an app to rent and sell...

Le Grenier Ludique, an app to rent and sell board games


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An app to rent and sell board games – Geeko

Anyone who loves board games knows that storing boxes is a real headache, just as stopping to buy new ones when the cupboards are already full. But the board game sector is constantly reinventing itself, so it is quite difficult not to give in to the latest fashionable game, even if it means finding yourself drowned under game boxes. There is still a solution: get rid of forever or for a while. This is what the Le Grenier Ludique application offers.

Conceived by two French fans of board games, the app allows its users to sell and rent its game boxes to other enthusiasts, just to make room in their cupboards and make some money. .

An app focused on proximity

An app to rent and sell board games
An app to rent and sell board games – Geeko

You just have to download the free application, available on Android and iOS, to consult the rental or sale of board games offers from its neighbors. The app is indeed based on geolocation and therefore allows you to see the offers near your home, even if it is possible to enter an address to view more offers. Proximity is at the heart of the experience since the app does not integrate a sending system. It focuses above all on sharing and meeting people with the same passion, we read in the press release.

If you are planning an evening with friends or a family vacation, you can very well rent several board games through the app. Le Grenier Ludique offers different filters to view games for rent or for sale depending on the type of game (strategy, role, knowledge, for children, etc.). It is also possible to do a search based on criteria such as the type of game, the age, the duration of a game or the number of limit players.

16,000 users in one year

Users can contact a seller or lessor for more information, even if each game has its own description, or to negotiate a price, for example. In the case of rentals, the lessor can ask for a deposit which will cover any damage or loss of parts.

After a transaction or a rental, users will be able to evaluate each other. The rating is very important since it ensures that such and such a person is trustworthy and that they will take care of the board games.

Launched in summer 2019, Le Grenier Ludique has attracted more than 16,000 users in one year. A small number compared to other apps, but significant given the app’s niche.



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