Economy Leclerc launches a cost price offer to reduce invoices

Leclerc launches a cost price offer to reduce invoices


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648x415 compteurs linky image illustration

Linky counters (illustration image). – XAVIER VILA/SIPA

Up to 22% savings on kWh. This is what promises Leclerc who announces a new supply of electricity at cost price, reports The Parisian.

This offer, which should see the light of day at the start of the summer, will be available to holders of a Linky meter. The device makes it possible to monitor electricity consumption in real time. Households with high consumption are the most affected. To benefit from this dynamic pricing, customers will have to take out a subscription at 6 euros per month. There will be additional costs related to regulatory obligations.

No predictability possible

“It’s up to you: schedule the dishwasher and washing machine to launch at the cheapest times!” », Indicates Leclerc. The customers, by means of an application, will know, 24 hours in advance and hour by hour, the tariff of the electricity. This variable price will be indexed to the wholesale market price, which itself varies according to supply, demand or even weather conditions.

For the UFC-Que Choisir, consumers must be vigilant in the face of this offer which seems tempting. “We are rather hostile to this type of offer because consumers want predictability on the bills, but there is none,” explained to our colleagues Antoine Autier, deputy head of the research department.



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