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Lidl imitates the design of a famous bottle of Gin, the brand loses its case


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The Lidl brand has ordered the marketing of a bottle of gin to be stopped because of its packaging, reports The National. This looks like the one of the Hendrick’s brand, which has just won the lawsuit against the hard-discount brand.

The Scottish court ruled that the retail brand had not complied with the legislation on trademarks. She also forced him to stop selling this product in the country.

Product sales affected

The plaintiff’s lawyers also assured that the imitation of this bottle was not the only damage suffered by Hendrick’s. The argument put forward concerns the sales of their client’s product, which could also be affected by this copy.

Lidl’s defenders for their part asked for the order to be quashed, explaining that these arguments were false, but the Court did not agree with them. Hendrick’s has also called for these competing bottles to be withdrawn across the UK. The court ultimately ruled that the hard-discount brand’s alcohol could be marketed provided the design of its bottle was changed.



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