WorldLongest serving inmate released after 16 years of incarceration

Longest serving inmate released after 16 years of incarceration


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648x415 la prison de guantanamo le 17 avril 2019

Guantanamo prison, April 17, 2019. – Alex Brandon/AP/SIPA

Saifullah Paracha, 73, was known to be the oldest detainee at Guantanamo Bay. The Pakistani was finally released on Monday after spending 16 years in this military prison based in Cuba. Arrested in Thailand in 2003, the man was suspected of having links with the terrorist organization Al-Qaida, recalls CNews.

The septuagenarian has therefore just spent several years in prison, while he has never been indicted or convicted of a crime. Two other prisoners, Abdul Rabbani, a 54-year-old Pakistani and Uthman Abdul al-Rahim Uthman, a 40-year-old Yemeni, were also released. They have never been charged either.

Fragile health

In addition to his age, Saifullah Paracha had already been talked about because of his state of health. The man was considered to be one of the sickest prisoners in the detention center. According to New York Times, he is said to be suffering from several heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure.

However, no one knows where these three prisoners could go, or when. Some released detainees are still waiting for their country or any other state to accept them on their soil. A situation made even more complex with the Covid-19 epidemic. The state of health and the care required by Saifullah Paracha do not work in his favor. His lawyer still assured that he was “not a permanent threat” to the United States or any other country in the world.



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