World Man falls into frozen pond, his Apple Watch saves...

Man falls into frozen pond, his Apple Watch saves his life


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648x415 illustration apple watch ap photo charles rex arbogast

Illustration Apple Watch AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast — Charles Rex Arbogast/AP/SIPA

Williams Rogers, a resident of New Hampshire (United States) said his Apple Watch saved his life this weekend. The man, who works as a teacher, was ice skating on a frozen pond when the layer covering the water gave way under his weight, reports ABC7 News. Despite his desperate efforts, the American failed to extricate himself from the icy water.

He was alone and therefore could not get help from anyone. After ten minutes of struggle, the skater began to understand that hypothermia was winning him over. He then remembered that his Apple Watch offered a feature to call for help. He therefore used his connected watch to contact 911 and explained to the operator that he thought he had only ten minutes in front of him before sinking into unconsciousness.

The victim safe and sound

“After that, I was not going to be able to answer any more,” testified Williams Rogers. Alerted by the emergency service, the firefighters arrived on site about five minutes after the call to 911. The victim, safe and sound, was still recovering on Wednesday. Phonandroid specifies that the model of watch with which the American was equipped is a Series 6.



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