SportsMemorable collision between Hamilton and Verstappen, Ricciardo wins

Memorable collision between Hamilton and Verstappen, Ricciardo wins


Like every Grand Prix of this thrilling Formula 1 season, a lot happened at Monza this Sunday. But the image that will undoubtedly remain is that of the collision between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, the two title contenders, who collided on lap 26 and were both forced to abandon a race ultimately won by Daniel Ricciardo.

Hamilton came out just ahead of Verstappen. At the end of the straight, the two cars entered the chicane side to side. Riding on a curb on the bend, Verstappen saw his car climb over his opponent’s – fortunately protected by the halo. Both ended up in the gravel. A moment which will strengthen the rivalry between the two drivers, separated by only five points in the standings, and which will be important at the end of the season.

Obviously, each of the two pilots believes that he was within his rights. The Dutchman to attack, the Briton to defend his position. “I knew it would be a bit tight on the turn. A little before the entry, he was on his line then he continued to shift more and more to the left and in the chicane, I had no more room to go, I had to climb the curb. It’s a shame because if he had left me a little more room in the turn, we could have avoided that and taken up the fight in the next curve and continued to run, ”reacted Max Verstappen.

“He knew what was going to happen when he got into the second corner”

“I just took my line, I was in front. It ended like that, that’s all… I’m open to discussing with him (Max Verstappen) but that won’t change anything. It will not change his approach in his behavior. He didn’t want to let go, he knew what was going to happen when he got into the second corner, he knew he was going to go through the curbs but he did it anyway, ”commented Lewis Hamilton. .

The next GP, September 26 in Russia, promises to be hot. There are eight races to go to decide between the two men.



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