EconomyMere, the Russian hard discount store, is expected to...

Mere, the Russian hard discount store, is expected to arrive in France soon


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A shopping cart in a supermarket. (Drawing) – Frédéric Scheiber / SIPA

Russian-founded Mere supermarket chain is set to open three stores in different cities in France by the end of the year, reports Capital. An official of the sign explained to the media that these openings should take place within “4 to 5 months” in three cities in France.

The stores could be located in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes and Hauts-de-France. Also, the sign will have “no shelves, counters and vendors”, like other hard discount signs and would also promise prices that are 10 to 20% lower.

Calorie products

To achieve competitive prices, the distributor explains saving on equipment in the store, employees and rent to further reduce costs. The products sold are however particularly caloric and their origin is not always indicated, reported LCI last December.

The Svetofor group, founded in 2009, owns the company. In Russia there are 1,500 stores. This brand has already established itself in Europe since it exists in Germany, Poland, Romania and Lithuania, as well as in Spain, very recently.



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