WorldMillions of people tested due to rise in Covid...

Millions of people tested due to rise in Covid cases


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Millions of people were tested for Covid-19 in several major cities in China on Sunday in an attempt to stem a rise in coronavirus cases. China reported on Sunday 75 new contaminations, including 53 local transmissions. The epidemic outbreak which appeared at Nanjing airport (east) at the end of July, has now spread to more than twenty cities and more than ten provinces.

China is facing its worst wave of contamination in several months, the authorities blaming this increase in cases on the Delta variant. While the coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan (center) at the end of 2019, China has since largely contained the epidemic. The authorities organized three screenings on the 9.2 million inhabitants of Nanjing and confined hundreds of thousands of people to curb the contamination.

Peak of the tourist season in the country

The current spread of the virus is linked to the high contagiousness of the Delta variant and the peak of the tourist season in the country, with heavy use of air transport by the Chinese, according to the authorities. Those who traveled to Nanjing, Zhangjiajie tourist town, Hunan province, are wanted by the authorities.
The 1.5 million inhabitants of this tourist city were confined on Friday. New cases were recorded on Sunday on Hainan Island, another popular tourist destination, as well as in Ningxia (north) and Shandong (east) provinces, authorities said.

The country is also facing a spike in cases in the city of Zhengzhou, in Henan province recently hit by deadly floods, after two maintenance workers at a hospital where patients from overseas were hospitalized. carriers of the Covid have tested positive. In this city, 27 local cases were recorded and the authorities ordered Sunday the screening of its 10 million inhabitants. After learning that some patients had been vaccinated, Chinese health officials said it was “normal” and reiterated the importance of vaccination and strict measures.

“Due to the Delta variant, vaccine protection may have decreased somewhat, but the current vaccine still has a good preventive and protective effect against the Delta variant,” said Feng Zijian, virologist at the China Center for Control and Prevention. diseases. The most populous country in the world has already administered 1.6 billion doses (only “made in China”) but without specifying how many inhabitants were fully vaccinated.



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