WorldMoscow denies involvement in cyberattack on US pipelines

Moscow denies involvement in cyberattack on US pipelines


648x415 oleoduc societe americaine colonial pipeline baltimore 10 mai 2021

The oil pipeline of the American company Colonial Pipeline in Baltimore, May 10, 2021. – JIM WATSON / AFP

The Russian Embassy in the United States on Tuesday denied any involvement of Moscow in the computer attack that paralyzed one of the largest American oil pipeline operators, which President Joe Biden blamed on a criminal group based in Russia.

If Joe Biden did not directly accuse the Kremlin of being at the origin of this attack, saying that he has no proof of state involvement “at this stage”, he assured that since the group is in Russia , “They have some responsibility. “

The Darkside group responsible?

“Russia does not carry out” malicious “activities in cyberspace”, retorted Tuesday the Russian embassy in the United States on its Facebook page, also denouncing the “baseless fabrications of certain journalists” having accused Moscow. “Russia has always advocated professional dialogue with the United States on international computer security issues,” the embassy continued.

Joe Biden blamed the attack, having targeted one of the largest fuel distributors in the United States, Colonial Pipeline, to the Darkside group, which emerged last year and specializes in ransomware attacks against medium and large companies, to whom he claims hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars, to unlock their systems.

It steals confidential data from its victims, especially based in Western countries, and threatens to make them public if the ransom is not paid. Russia has been accused of several massive waves of cyber attacks in recent years, especially in the United States and Europe.



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