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Music lessons in individual tents? It’s true, but it’s happening in the United States


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648x415 eleves lors cours chant tentes pop up 26 fevrier 2021 wenatchee etats unis

Students during a singing lesson in the pop-up tents on February 26, 2021, in Wenatchee, United States. – David Ryder / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP

  • Internet users are offended by a video showing a music lesson where the children each play in a tent.
  • This is an initiative of a high school in Washington State, USA, which explains that these individual pop-up tents have been “modified to prevent the spread of droplets” and to combat the spread of Covid-19.
  • Questioned by US media, students defend the device and say they are delighted to resume music lessons on the spot.

Faked scene or real music lesson during Covid-19? On Facebook, a video of children playing an instrument in small individual tents drew horrified comments. “It is during a music lesson respecting the sanitary protocol … And they accept that without flinching … how long will this submission last?” », Gets carried away an Internet user.

” Heartache [de] see that but as we are real sheep […] no one reacts, ”laments another on an anti-mask and anti-confinement page.


The video does show an orchestra course adapted to the health restrictions against Covid-19, but information is lacking to contextualize its content. The course does not take place in France, or even in Europe, but in the United States. This is an initiative proposed by Wenatchee High School, a high school in the state of Washington, in the east of the country.

“It was our music and theater teachers who had this idea,” explains Eric Anderson, the headmaster, to the BBC. We knew the students were going to come back to high school in a hybrid format. There were concerns about singing with the mask off and we wanted to make sure that the students could have the opportunity to sing and play an instrument in a group and that they practice together. The video broadcast in France was first shared by the Wenatchee public school group on its Facebook page on February 26.

To allow music lessons to take place during the pandemic, individual pop-up tents have been “modified to prevent the spread of droplets,” the school said in a statement. The modules have been tested to ensure that small particles do not escape during lessons ”, the duration of which has been reduced to 35 minutes.

“Playing with other people is incredible”

For Slate, two high school students tell of their satisfaction at being able to play music in person. “The rehearsal is going really very, very well”, underlines Lars Sorom, who also specifies that the courses by Zoom “simply do not work”. “Now that we’ve settled into these modules, it’s so exciting to be able to play together,” he adds. Any interaction is welcome. “

His comrade Henry Bergey agrees: “We spent half of our year online. Playing with other people and making music is amazing and I love it. “” Sure, it looks stupid and scary, defends Libby Borst, another high school student, in a report on ABC, but when you experience it […], it’s so liberating to be able to create. “



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