World New Orleans Archdiocese deems Johnson & Johnson vaccine immoral

New Orleans Archdiocese deems Johnson & Johnson vaccine immoral


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In a Catholic church in New Orleans. (drawing) – JON CHERRY / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / GETTY IMAGES VIA AFP

It is an opinion on vaccines that we did not expect: that of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, in the United States. Local leaders of the Catholic Church indeed consider the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson laboratories as “immoral”. This vaccine is the latest authorized in the United States: the country’s health authorities validated it only a few days ago, on February 27. But the International mail, which takes up an article from the Washington Post, expects us that the day before, the 26th, the local Church “issued a different opinion”.

The reason ? This vaccine uses fetal cells derived from abortion. Enough to trigger the ire of anti-abortion, numerous and powerful in the United States, especially in the “Deep South” of which Louisiana is part. In fact, they are cloned fetal cells, and not directly from aborted fetuses. Pfizer and Moderna used it at one time for their own vaccines, in the research phase. The use of this type of tissue is common in research today.

Fears about vaccination in the sector

The Washington Post stresses that this decision could put the archdiocese “in conflict with the Vatican and Pope Francis”. Because in the Vatican we are less cautious: vaccines have been considered “morally acceptable”, even those which involve deviated fetal cells resulting from abortions at one time or another of their production. Pope Francis himself has been vaccinated.

Also, the American daily fears that this position, admittedly isolated, of Catholic officials may slow down vaccination, at least in New Orleans. Indeed, in the United States, many places of worship (not necessarily Catholic) serve as vaccination centers.



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