Economy New outlets with eco-professions

New outlets with eco-professions


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All industries today have to reckon with environmental imperatives, which has the effect of creating a multitude of specialized jobs. – IStock / City Presse

If, for the time being, green jobs still represent little in terms of volume, the experts have no doubts: they are not only likely to develop significantly, but also to spread to other sectors. The recovery plan presented in September 2020 by the government confirmed this, since 30 billion euros will be devoted to the ecological transition of the country.

Green jobs

Many activities are purely environmental. We are talking about “green jobs”. These include the management of water and forests, the preservation of biodiversity, the treatment of waste, the development of renewable energies and the consideration of risks and pollution.

Topping the list, 75% of jobs in the environment are linked to waste and water management. Private and public players are constantly looking for senior technicians and specialized engineers who intervene, each at their own level, to measure water quality, manage treatment plants and treat waste. A dynamic encouraged by the State, since the recovery plan devotes 300 million euros to the modernization of infrastructure.

If the maritime wind sector is, for its part, still anecdotal, a future is emerging. According to Pôle emploi, this new sector has created more than 800 jobs between 2018 and 2020. And according to an August 2020 report from the Global Wind Energy Council, the association promoting wind energy, the sector will reach 230 GW. by 2030, compared to 29 GW in 2019. These are all opportunities for future assemblers, mechanics, electricians, but also many trades related to logistics, quality and testing.

Green jobs

It is above all the so-called “green” professions that constitute a breeding ground for jobs. Without having a direct link with the protection of nature, these professions integrate environmental skills that are now essential.
We think of the energy renovation sector, which has seen the birth of real estate assessors, specialists in the energy efficiency of buildings and even energy advisers. In the same vein, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics are now relying on the properties of plants and microorganisms to develop products that are more respectful of the environment. As a result, the biotechnology sector is experiencing strong growth (10 to 15% per year) which goes hand in hand with new hires in sales, production, logistics and regulatory and quality services.

On the transport side too, the revolution is underway. Between the modernization of infrastructure and the greening of the vehicle fleet provided for by the recovery plan, the sector will need manpower and in particular engineers in materials engineering, in order to ensure the energy transition of the sector.

More generally, all industries must now take environmental imperatives into account. We thus see the emergence of flow economists, responsible for optimizing energy consumption, but also “climate” or “B corp labeling” project managers (a label certifying compliance with societal and environmental requirements), while sustainable innovation product managers support companies to green their products.

The hydrogen sector

The recovery plan plans to allocate 7 billion euros by 2030 to the development of green hydrogen, including 2 billion euros from 2021 – 2022. The objectives: build a French carbon-free hydrogen sector through to the electrolysis method, promote heavy hydrogen mobility and support research and innovation in this field.

This boost should generate between 50,000 and 150,000 direct and indirect jobs, according to state forecasts. To support this project, an endowment of 30 million euros is intended to create dedicated business campuses, in order to train hydrogen specialists at all levels, from technicians working on vehicles to quality-safety managers. environment, including engineers and researchers.



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