World Nineteen people die, including 9 children, after eating sea...

Nineteen people die, including 9 children, after eating sea turtle


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648x415 une tortue marine illustration

A sea turtle (illustration). – Robert Cohen/AP/SIPA

In Madagascar, at least 19 people have died of food poisoning after consuming the meat of a sea turtle, a protected animal. Since Monday, 34 people have been hospitalized in Vatomandry, in the east of the island, ten of whom have died, the Food and Health Safety Control Agency announced Thursday. Nine children also died at their home after consuming the flesh of the same turtle, said the governor of the region.

Toxic algae

The consumption of sea turtles and about twenty other species of fish is strongly discouraged by the health authorities of the Big Island during the hot season. These species feed on algae, which from November to March is toxic to those who eat it.

Each year, in the coastal areas of Madagascar, about fifty families are poisoned. In January 2018, eight people had died of poisoning in the north of the country, and eight others the previous month.



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