Economy Nino Redruello and the new hospitality industry: "Restaurants that...

Nino Redruello and the new hospitality industry: “Restaurants that do not have a balance in honesty, price and service will be readapted”


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In this episode we talk about the changes in hospitality in the Covid era and we have the experience of Nino Redruello, head of Grupo La Ancha and restaurants like Fismuler, in Madrid


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The crisis has forced bars, restaurants and hospitality businesses to look for new formulas to keep going in the middle of the pandemic. In this episode of ‘The clear accounts’ we talk about all these changes and we have the experience of Nino Redruello, responsible for La Ancha Group (Fismuler, Las tortillas de Gabino …), which explains how their businesses have adopted in recent months, how the idea for their new delivery line arose, inspired by their emblematic escalope Armando, and how do you see the future of restoration in Spain after the impact of this crisis.

We also have Amaya García, head of the Metrópoli supplement of the newspaper THE WORLD, to understand the general context that catering and hospitality is going through at the moment.

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