World Octogenarian prisoner freed after fifty-eight years in detention

Octogenarian prisoner freed after fifty-eight years in detention


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A prison corridor (illustration) – UGO AMEZ / SIPA

He has spent more than half a century in prison. German justice has ordered the release of an 84-year-old prisoner in detention for fifty-eight years for a double murder, the Karlsruhe Regional High Court announced on Tuesday. He is one of the longest serving inmates in Germany, according to media reports.

Sentenced in 1963

The man was convicted on May 30, 1963 by a Berlin court after attacking a couple in their car and then killing them. He was then 25 years old. Sentenced to life imprisonment, he had repeatedly seen his requests for release rejected, the last time in May 2020. His lawyer then filed an appeal. The date of the octogenarian’s release has not been communicated.

In Germany, the maximum prison sentence is fifteen years. But justice can also deprive a convicted person of the possibility of requesting parole at the end of this period because of the “particular gravity” of a crime.



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