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Ceviche, salchipapas, makis and other cravings at the same table: get to know Patio Buenas Juntas

In block 5 of the Army, in Miraflores, there is a meeting of the best friends of Peruvian food: grilled chicken, Ceviche, salchipapa, makis Y craft beers. Starting at noon, the gastronomic patio Buenas Juntas opens its doors so that its hungry diners can taste the abundance of Peruvian and fusion food in one place.

What brands participate? In a single menu all the abundant offer of this gastronomic patio that brings together the fish and shellfish of Entre Kausas is shown; the classic and original Suzaku makis; the sausages, tacos and enchiladas from Entre Panes; and the grilled chicken with chaufa rice from La Pintadita; more varied options of craft beers. Learn a little more about what each of them offers:

“Buenas Juntas is an interesting proposal not only because of its location, but also because it is different from other food courts. While others focus on family or youth, we house the entire market”, explains Sebastian Scott, Head of Marketing at Buenas Juntas. He tells us that this space was born a year ago with the idea of ​​gathering Peruvian food in one place and the desire to spend a pleasant time with your group of friends or family; that is, your good together.

“We have several promotions like the one for the birthday boy: if it’s your birthday and you come with 5 more people, the birthday boy doesn’t pay. There are discounts when they are groups of friends that pass the 5 people to encourage the essence of Good Together, which is to call the community, friendship and family”. In addition, there are lightning raffles on their social networks. The price factor is important for good boards so they assure us that they remain within everyone’s reach.

We begin the tour of the menu with the Suzaku makis. Johan Baca, co-founder of Suzaku, tells us that in this gastronomic patio they offer Nikkei fusion with makis of all varieties, fusion and specials created in their style, with Peruvian and imported products: “They are very good quality products within reach of your pocket,” says Baca. “The goal is to create awareness about fish consumption and make it responsible. We use bonito, salmon trout, salmon, Japanese fruits, among others”.

Makis and gyoza from Suzaku.  (Photos: Renzo Salazar)

Suzaku seeks to delight its guests with makis such as the passion roll, acevichado, maki magma, the grill, salad bowls such as the Suzaku Thai Slaw, sashimi cuts, spring rolls, gyozas and nigiris, and many more options. Don’t miss the 3×2 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (30 makis of three flavors for the price of two), as well as the open bar on Thursdays at S/ 50.

Grilled chicken, our must-see flagship dish in any gastronomic patio, is prepared by La Pintadita chicken shop. It is a tasty example of grilled chicken with delicious and crispy native fried potatoes, the perfect companion to this traditional Peruvian dish. It comes with a plate of abundant chaufa rice ideal for sharing. This grilled chicken has no loses, its flavor will be unforgettable. La Pintadita also offers the famous mostrito and grilled chicken tequeños with guacamole.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 28, 2022 Buenas Juntas food court in Miraflores photos: renzo salazar

Fish and shellfish cannot be missing on this tour of Buenas Juntas. The delicacies of the Peruvian sea come with the Entre Kausas seasoning and the menu is extremely varied. They have offers of fish ceviche, the cause of the neighborhood and even a sudado de cabrilla. In addition, they offer warm dishes such as shrimp chupe, Entre Kausas parihuela, fish sweat and chilcanos; five options of tacu-tacu and wok dishes, and up to six varieties of causes. If you are a lover of seafood, they have options of leche de tigre or specialties such as fried sea bass, cream sea bass, spicy seafood and rice with duck.

A strong ceviche from Entre Kausas.  (Photos: Renzo Salazar)

For those looking for hearty sandwiches, there is between breads, a fast food bar where the flavors of our Peruvian food meet with Mexican fusion. Known for its abundant sausages and enchiladas with all their creams, Entre Panes also has tacos, hamburgers, broasters, juices and all kinds of sandwiches. An outstanding salchipapa like the Salchi Entrepanes has potatoes, hot dog, cheese, egg, bacon and chorizo. The powerful salchipapa, the special enchilada or the Entrepanes blood sausage are just some of its most forceful examples.

The enchiladas and salchipapas from Entre Panes are good options to enjoy at Buenas Juntas.  (Photos: Renzo Salazar)

Craft beers are part of the surprises at Buenas Juntas. The Arequipa Servus or the Davcas, from a young brewer David Castillo, as well as the Barbarian, can be found at the Suzaku store. Be sure to try their quite pleasant and innovative flavors.

Craft beers are found at the Suzaku location.  (Photos: Renzo Salazar)

Sebastian Scott tells us that from February fortnight the AP Burguer brands will be integrated, a fast food of hamburgers, milkshakes, pancakes, crepes, waffles, bacon cheese dog, hot dogs, chicken croissant and sausage; and El Bar, with pisco-based cocktails, classic cocktails based on whiskey, gin, rum and a list of national beers such as Kraken and a variety of international ones.

In Buenas Juntas, the biosecurity protocols are followed, the tables are separated with the required distance and when you enter you must present your vaccination card.

More information:

  • Address: Army Avenue 505, Miraflores
  • Hours: from 12 noon to 11 pm
  • Lightning raffles with tasty prizes appear on the Buenas Juntas networks
  • Visit his Instagram page:

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