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“Once you enter the world of the brewery, it is difficult to leave it,” says Stephan Farfán, a partner in the Malajuntas bar and one of the creators of the beer brand. craft beers Black sheep. His love for beer began ten years ago and as a result of these years of experience Malajuntas was born in Miraflores, an ideal space to savor varieties of Peruvian beers, classic cocktails and a tasty food menu.

Stephan Farfán and his partner started in 2015 making beer for friends and family at barbecues and gatherings. With this same spirit, familiar and intimate, the Ovejanegra brand appears with which they began to participate in events. It was the contact with the people and the appreciation for their brand that led them to bet on their own space where they could share that same beer with many more people. At the beginning they only had three styles of beer: “Today we have seven fixed styles of beer and other styles that come and go in limited editions,” Farfán tells us as they serve us from the spouts in glass glasses the golden formulas of barley, yeast and hops, frost protagonists of Malajuntas.

Stephan Farfán, a member of the Malajuntas bar and one of the creators of the craft beer brand Ovejanegra.  (Photos: Alessandro Currarino)

What types of beers does your menu offer? In principle, Ovejanegra’s creations such as the Golden Spirit, a house beer, light and refreshing with 5.5° alcohol and low bitterness. Another option is the Rebel Indian, reddish in color, caramel, a little more intense than the Golden Spirit but easy to drink. Beso de Judas is characterized by an intense tropical aroma with notes of passion fruit and mango; and the dark-colored Macumba with roasted and chocolate notes with about 7° alcohol. La Traviesa is a fruit beer with passion fruit pulp and, the strongest, is the Traicionera with 10 degrees of alcohol. La Sinvergüenza has a very refreshing Pilsener style.

Currently, Malajuntas offers at least 7 styles of beers from the house brand, Ovejanegra.  (Photos: Alessandro Currarino)

On the other hand, Malajuntas also receives friendly beers from various areas of the country so that the Peruvian public can discover the flavors of the interior and the various style options. These are Melkim, 7 lives, Cervecería del Valle, Cumbres, Cholita, Limamanta, Invictus, Altamar, La Jefa, Beerstache, Sierra Andina and Ragnarok.

Malajuntas is committed to classic cocktails such as mojito, sours, gin and tonic, etc. but if the client has a special request outside the menu and they have the supplies to prepare it, they will do it without problems. On this occasion, Farfán shows us the chilcano of the house. It is the Chilcano Malajuntas with macerated hibiscus flower, quebranta pisco with cinnamon syrup and a touch of lemon that is complemented with ginger ale. It has more pisco than a normal chilcano. And also a cocktail made with gin and tonic.

Chilcano Malajuntas with jamaica flower macerate, cinnamon syrup and ginger ale.  (Photos: Alessandro Currarino)
Tonics such as Beefeater London Gin, Bulldog Gin or Hendrick's Gin go very well with the Malajuntas menu.  (Photos: Alessandro Currarino)

The hamburger and salchipapa are the most requested on the food menu. What better company for a beer than a grilled strip burger with cheddar cheese, cream of mushroom soup, bacon and the house creams? Or delicious white sausages and frankfurter, with a artisanal spicy chorizo ​​(with a caramelized touch) grilled with smoked flavor with some crispy native potatoes? We Peruvians know how to accompany a good beer and these two options are not to be missed.

The Malajuntas salchipapa has white sausages, frankfurter, with an artisanal spicy chorizo ​​(with a caramelized touch) grilled with a smoked flavor with crispy native potatoes.  (Photos: Alessandro Currarino)
The Malajuntas hamburger has strip roast with cheddar cheese, mushroom cream, bacon and the house creams.  (Photos: Alessandro Currarino)

But there is more. Malajuntas pizzas also a great power. The house pizza has a base of tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, meat, white sausage, bacon and white onion. The veggie option has a base of tomato sauce, blue cheese, caramelized onion, portobello and, at the end, arugula leaves are placed.

You will find 7 pizza options.  (Photos: Alessandro Currarino)

The wings, an appetizer par excellence from breweries, have two types of house sauce that diners fall in love with: BBQ and buffalo. Both versions of wings are macerated in beer. Margarita, American, Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Prosciutto. Other burgers are the classic cheese burger, crispy chicken, veggie and spicy. Prawn pokes, crispy fish, chicken bites and veggies are also notable on the menu.

The wings have BBQ sauces and the house buffalo.  (Photos: Alessandro Currarino)

In addition to everything that Malajuntas offers to eat and drink, the attention is extremely pleasant and the space is quite comfortable to share with friends, always respecting the protocols. You are invited.

More data:

  • Malajuntas also has a place in Barranco with the same beer and food menu. You can visit it at Malecón Ramón Castilla 111, Barranco. The Miraflores location is a stone’s throw from Kennedy Park at Manuel Bonilla 106, Miraflores.
  • Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 12 to 12. Friday and Saturday until 3 am The Barranco store opens at 1 pm
  • The capacity is 60% and they ask for a vaccination card when entering so you can have a few beers safely
  • If you can’t resist the craving for an Ovejanegra beer and want to drink it at home or at a meeting, you can order it at
  • Visit the Malajuntas Instagram account:
The beers are also available in bottles to take home or can be ordered for delivery.  (Photos: Alessandro Currarino)

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