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Craving ceviche? The keys of the experts to order it by delivery

There is nothing richer than a good ceviche. It is that kind of dish that is perfect for any occasion -yes, even for dinner- and that can be enjoyed alone or in company. But sometimes we want to enjoy it in the comfort of our home and we don’t really dare. And it is that this is one of the preparations that requires certain care when delivered by delivery. Therefore, we present some tips that you can take into account to choose where to order it from.

For this note, Advantage spoke with two chefs with extensive experience in marine cuisine: Fransua Roblesfrom The Spicyand Kumar Paredesfrom Kumar. Both chefs explore the possibilities that local gastronomy offers us and each one gives it their own special touch.

Now, when talking about ceviche, Kumar makes something clear to us that we all need to understand. “When asking for a Ceviche to take away or for delivery it has to be understood that there will always be a slight variation if you eat it in the dining room. This does not mean that it will always be bad, not at all, but that the experience will not be the same, ”he says.

One of the first things Fransua points out is have confidence and good references from the restaurant from which the ceviche will be ordered. “Since it is a raw product that needs a certain cold chain to arrive well, it is important to know that they work with good standards and quality products,” he explains. Another important factor is knowing how close is a restaurant to the delivery pointso that the transport time is as short as possible and to know if the order is transported by private mobility -which goes directly to your home- or if delivery applications are used that could make stops at other points.

Protocol Times

Kumar tells us that in his restaurant they did not bet on the delivery since they wanted the experience to be lived in the same place. Due to the pandemic they had to be renewed and implement a protocol deliverythrough which it was decided which dishes are suitable for take-out and which are not, which will be the distribution area -so that the food arrives in the best conditions- and which channels of delivery or transportation would be used.

And this is precisely what we must know when we venture to try the service of a restaurant. “It is important that diners ask the restaurant through their networks or contact numbers how do you shipso they will be able to choose if they meet the requirements that they expect and can eat something delicious at home,” says Paredes.

For example, the chef of Kumar tells us that they already verified that the cold dishes they should not be sent in the same bag as the hot dishes and this requires special care when transporting. “We do not put ceviches, tiraditos or chalaca shells in the same space as other dishes, because the vital thing is to maintain a cold chain with these preparations. It also happens with the onion sauce, which wilts if it’s near the hot ones, ”he mentions.

the chef of The Spicy explains that it is best send the ceviche juice separated from the fish pieces. “This way we prevent the ceviche from overcooking and allow each customer to choose how cooked they want the ceviche. Even if for some reason you are not going to eat the ceviche at the same time, you can put it in the refrigerator for a short time and then it is assembled without problems, ”she says.

And, if you’re still in doubt about how well an order will work for you, feel free to ask for a ceviche with seafood -which could withstand the trip better- like to test the service they offer.


  • The Spicy It has two stores in Lima, in Jesús María (Av. Húsares de Junín 651) and in San Isidro (Av. Conquistadores 170). They recently opened a store in Ica (Av. Conde de Nieva 1018). To learn more about your service delivery visit her Instagram profile @la.picante.
  • Kumar Cevicheria Fusion It is located at Av. Óscar R. Benavides 5429, Callao. It has delivery service and attention in the salon. Discover his menu on his Instagram account @kumar.fusion.

Source: Elcomercio

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