OpinionMother's Day: 10 sweet gift ideas to pamper mom

Mother’s Day: 10 sweet gift ideas to pamper mom


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Finding the perfect sweet to celebrate with mom on her day is not an easy task. Not only do we need to know in detail the taste of the celebration, but we must also take into account where we are going to order dessert. So, Advantage He dedicated himself to looking for varied and good options to enjoy on this important date. Find here 10 brands dedicated to perfect desserts for Mother’s Day. From cheesecake from alfajor to ice cream cake, passing through cakes with buttercream, lemon cakes and donuts with Peruvian and “gringo” flavors. For every taste!

Zeus Pastry

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The creators of this bakery are Fiorella Marcos and Sandro Lujan, who is a chef with more than 20 years of experience in the field. In the midst of a pandemic they dared to undertake with this brand and that is how it was born Zeus Pastry. Among his options, he highlights the chocolate shop, with desserts such as chocolate chests with mana fruits inside and chocolate heels filled with truffles. We can also find biscuits with icing, chocolate cake and a delicious lemon cake.

Data: Zeus Pastry has a workshop in San Miguel (Avenida Rafael Escardo 747). To place orders you can communicate through WhatsApp 912 372 432 or visit their social networks as Facebook (Zeus Pastry) or Instagram (@zeus_pasteleria).

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The Fine Endorphin

With more than 6 years in the market, The Fine Endorphin is a brand that goes beyond desserts and offers a complete gift experience. Thus, we can find ready-made boxes where you can give away desserts such as chocolate cakes served with different toppings, ice cream cakes, alfajores, brownies, fortune cookies, chocolate covered ears and more. In addition, in the different boxes you can add products such as cups, candles, photo frames, wines, balloons, notebooks, etc. A perfect option if you want to personalize the gift and accompany it with high-quality desserts.

Fact: To place orders you can write to them on social networks as Instagram (@lafinaendorfina) or Facebook (The Fine Endorphin). They are open from Monday to Sunday, from 8 am to 9 pm and shipments are made within 24 hours. To learn more about their boxes and offers, visit their website.

Hanami Gelatin Art

A really different option to give in this Mother’s Day It is presented to us by Mitsuko Makino, creator of the venture Hanami Gelatin Art. With a curious technique of injecting gelatin, this brand offers molds with gelatin in different flavors and shapes that end up being small edible works of art. One of the most requested models on this date is the flower one. You can choose the flavor of the jelly with options like strawberry or pineapple, but they also have more exotic versions with flavors like cherimoya or amaretto.

Fact: This brand has four ways to coordinate the order and delivery of the dessert: WhatsApp (971101127), Instagram (@hanami.geliart), Facebook (Hanami Jelly Art) and e-mail ([email protected]).

Hanami Art in Jelly is Mitsuko Makino's venture where she develops delicious and innovative jellies with all kinds of designs.


One of the best known desserts are donuts. In this case, we present Dunt&Bunta brand that is committed to offering the public Peruvian-influenced donuts with a “gringo” twist. In his menu we can find four types of donuts: classic (with flavors such as strawberry, chocolate or pastry cream), peruvian (with blueberry, lucuma, suspiro a la limeña or coconut and pecan fillings), the gringas (with chocolate, pistachio, snickers, oreo or cinnamon hazelnut cream fillings) and, finally, the salty where they take advantage of the donut dough to fill them with ham and cheese, chicken, hamburger, among other options. A perfect gift is donut bouquetwhich includes nine units of classic donuts.

Data: Dunt&Bunt open from 11 am to 10 pm, through platforms such as rappi and from his Web page. Visit your account Instagram (@dunt_bunt) to learn more about their offer.

One of the options for this Mother's Day.

The sweet spot

This well-known candy store, created by Rosa Castro, recently presented a line of cakes designed for Mother’s Day. Here we can find options like extra chocolate cake, a decadent heart-shaped cake, filled with chocolate and decorated in detail. They also have three chocolate milks, aguaymanto tartlet Y blueberry cheesecake. As part of the menu you can also enjoy traditional desserts such as purple mazamorra, rice pudding, roasted milk, alfajores and picarones.

Fact: The sweet spot It has 3 stores located in Magdalena (José Gálvez 560), Salamanca (Calle José Olaya 117 – Ate) and Jesús María (Huiracocha 1348), where its workshop and pick-up point are located. To place orders, you must contact the phone number 953 798 294 or through your social networks at Facebook (El Puntito Dulce) or the Instagram @elpuntitodulceperu.

Elderberry cheesecake, one of the options offered by El Puntito Dulce.

La Catalya

This brand, created by Catalina Balarezo, began in the midst of a pandemic. It all started when she started trying recipes that she liked and she posted them on her account. Instagram staff. Over time, his acquaintances and friends recommended him to sell his desserts and thus he was encouraged to form this enterprise. In his letter we can find classic dessertss like lemon pie, cheesecake, flipped cream, three milks and rice pudding; biscuits of different flavors and cakes small size personalized in buttercream.

Data: The Catalyst attends virtually from Monday to Saturday, from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., through his profile of Instagram @lacatalia.


A sweet and different option are the desserts offered by this brand, created by Juliana Oliveira. The brigadeiros are small desserts that are widely consumed in Brazil. After a difficult period of health, Oliveira decided to start this venture where he prepares and offers a dessert from his childhood and, at the same time, donates part of his profits to the Inspira Hostel, which helps children undergoing cancer treatment. Her letter includes options such as madness of love (nutella), happy smile (almonds), cuddle (cookies and cream), I love you (crème brûlée), sweet kiss (milk chocolate), and amoreco (candy).

Fact: To place an order to bombrigadeiro You can contact WhatsApp 958477450. They have three presentations that start at S/36. Also, if you want to know more about the brand and its menu, you can visit its Instagram profile @bombrigadeiro.peru.

De Lu Cheesecake Bar

Luciana Noceda started this venture during the pandemic. Her letter focuses on celebrating the full potential of cheesecake, a well-known spoon dessert based on cream cheese. You can enjoy flavors like caramel cookie, lemon pie, Carrot Cake, apple, caramel with pecans, oreo, among others. To celebrate the Mother’s Day They offer a box that includes 1 mini cake, brownies, alfajores and flowers.

Fact: DeLu Cheesecake Bar attends orders via WhatsApp to the number 982339446. Learn more about their desserts and offers on the page of Instagram @deluperu.

Marcela Bakery

Sometimes a good sweet treat doesn’t have to be a spoon or ice cream dessert. If you are one of those who loves bread in all its forms, Marcela Bakery is the perfect option. This bakery was inaugurated by Marcela García De los Ríos. Her letter shows an interesting variety of breads ranging from basicsuch as the loaf of white bread or whole wheat; to the bakery sectionwhere we can find sweet options like shell -a sweet crumb bread of Mexican origin-, Chocolate braid, blueberry biscuit, pain au chocolat either cinnamon rolls (the latter are served as a special on Tuesdays, starting at 3 pm).

Fact: Marcela Bakery is open from Tuesday to Friday from 7 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 7 pm On Saturdays and Sundays they are open from 7 am to 1 pm They have a store at Av. San Luis 2833, San Borja. If you want to know more about her menu, visit her Instagram account @marcelabakeryperu.

Delirium The Workshop

Because the sunny and hot days are not over yet, we include an option where ice creams are the protagonists: Delirium The Workshop. This brand started when Josefa Arias-Stella started selling ice cream sandwiches. Soon, she began to create new delicacies and today we can find a letter with more than 24 combinations of ice cream sandwiches, stuffed popsicles, XL bites and, for this occasion, they announced the return of the ice cream cakesor, in which you can customize the message dedicated to mom and choose the flavors.

Fact: They are open from Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 7 pm and Sunday, from 11:30 am to 6 pm To place orders you can contact WhatsApp 941017419 or find them on the application rappi. They also have a local located in Miraflores (Av. Benavides 871, Paseo Leuro) where you can enjoy desserts, entrees, drinks, sandwiches, salads, funds and more. Visit your profile Instagram (@delirio.eltaller) to learn more about his letter.

Source: Elcomercio

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