OpinionJavier Vargas, owner of Piscis, a profile of the...

Javier Vargas, owner of Piscis, a profile of the businessman victim of attacks for not paying quotas


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Javier Vargas, owner of the renowned Pisces franchise, is going through a difficult time after denouncing constant threats by extortionists to pay quotas. The last event occurred last Monday, May 2, when his home located in San Juan de Lurigancho was set on fire. Below is a profile of the experienced entrepreneur who asks the authorities for help to keep his business afloat.


Businessman Javier Vargas Guimaray began his adventure in the world of gastronomy more than 30 years ago. Before starting a business, Javier Vargas worked as a janitor in the former Chamber of Senators. He was a named worker and it seemed that everything was going well, until one day his boss unexpectedly announced his departure, leaving him adrift and without much income.

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At that time, the Ancashino businessman was encouraged by a family member to venture into gastronomy because he had shown that he had “that special touch.” This was the first stone of his current franchise, with which he seeks to revalue Peru at a national and international level with his flagship dish: El Ceviche.

“Cevicherias Piscis is a company that was born as part of a personal effort to contribute to the quality of product and service. It was the first step in my long career in the marine gastronomic world. In this company everything is done with passion and will, we have managed to involve those who visit us in an environment of trust, surrounded by emotions and flavors from the first moment they enter any of our establishments”Javier Vargas points out in the review of his franchise.

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Javier Vargas Guimaray is the founder of the Association of Marine and Related Restaurateurs of Peru (ARMAP), which brings together more than 50 associates, including chefs, students and owners of various Peruvian cevicherias.

One of the most recognized achievements of the institution is found in the officialization of June 28 as the “National Ceviche Day”, as well as achieving the Guinness record for preparing the largest ceviche in the world, with 6 tons of fish in 2008, which was tasted by more than 3,000 diners at the Miguel Grau stadium in Callao.


Currently, Piscis has a large presence at the national level and seeks to consolidate its flavor internationally. Unfortunately, the CEO of the franchise still cannot sleep peacefully in the face of the constant threats and extortion that he has been receiving. However, Javier Vargas is not daunted, he asks the authorities for help and hopes to continue undertaking his business.

Source: Elcomercio

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